Brave little Reece with Tommy and Bobby

Little Heroes is a charity which supports children with cancer and their families based here in Yorkshire.
Tommy and Bobby recently agreed to become patrons for this very worthwhile cause and on Saturday 28th March 2009, in Halifax, they met the reason that this fabulous charity exists.

Little Reece, above, although quiet upon meeting, soon enjoyed the company of Bob and Tom once he realised that Tom knew all about CARS, and had a talk with him about the one on his T-shirt and that Bob understood that little boys love ice cream and could supply him with change from his pocket to buy some on the way home, lol.

Reece spending time with Bobby and Tommy

We arrived to meet with Cannon and Ball at about quarter to seven, before they had to get ready for the show.  Everyone was introduced and Bob and Tom were happy to meet Reece who soon warmed to these guys who were talking to him.

Tom shared stories about dealing with cancer in the ones that you love and made Reece feel quite at ease when he started talking to him about the car on his top.

As soon as Reece recognised that this man knew what he was talking about, he knew he could relax.  Tom chatted to him about the cars from the movie and asked whether Reece would lend him his top, he was told in no uncertain terms that the top was staying with him, good lad!  After a good bit of banter between them all, Tom promised that the next time he saw Reece he would give him a top with another coloured car on it and asked which he would like.  Reece informed him that he would like a blue one and when Tom said he would remember that, Reece slipped in that he would also like a pink one as well!  Haha!  Colin told us that the reason that Reece likes pink is because the first ever course of serious treatment that Reece had to be put on was pink in colour and he has always remembered that.  Such a lovely little boy.

Bobby, as mentioned above asked what Reece would buy if he had some pennies to spend on his way home.
Reece replied that he would like some ice cream.  Bob put his hand in his pocket and pulled out all of the change that he had in there.  We all know that this to small kids is like Christmas come early.  Bob gave the money to Reece and told him to buy some ice cream when they left.  Reece's face lit up and from that moment on, didn't let anyone forget that they were stopping for ice cream when they left the building.

As everyone carried on chatting, Reece spent time trying to guard his pennies but ended up crawling through everyone's legs to retrieve it a couple of times when it escaped his clutches, lol.  Lovely to see his happy little face.

They were both great with Reece and he soon felt more than comfortable in their company giving them hugs and having photos taken.  He soon found his feet and was happy to carry on as normal around all of these new people.

Tommy, Colin, Reece and Bobby

Reece's Story

To be added very shortly.







Little Heroes is dedicated to making the lives of children suffering from cancer better, even if just for one minute.
They believe that it is the children and their families, especially brothers and sisters that need the support and this is their wish.  Rather than raising the money for research as many other worthy charities do, they want to be able to directly make a difference to the lives of the kids.

Reece is holding on tight to his pennies

They want to raise as much money as possible to do whatever is necessary to make a difference in the lives of these children, whether that be by trying to get a new Day Centre built where families can go to spend time together and receive support together or whether that means going onto children's cancer wards in hospitals and handing out presents and toys to ensure that at that moment, these kids are the happiest they can possibly be, taking their minds off of their terrible plights temporarily.

I am sure that we all would love to be able to make these kids smile and Little Heroes is doing just that for all of us.

The directors of this charity are constantly coming up with ways to raise money and awareness, these include the upcoming events of fire walking, having their chests waxed, participating in walks and runs and also inviting and welcoming supporters to come up with their own fundraising ideas and become involved.

Find Out More . . .

If you would like to find out more about Little Heroes and how you may be ale to help them then you may find the following links useful, please take some time out to visit these pages.

Little Heroes Website   -   Little Heroes Facebook Group   -   Little Heroes Facebook Page   -    Just Giving Page


If you think you may be able to help in any way, please get in touch with Little Heroes -

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