Bobby Ball & The Smothers BrothersWhilst talking to Bob this week he told me that he had been watching something that had really made him laugh.  When I asked what it was he told me to watch one of the videos that he had watched.

He told me that it was a comedy duo who were popular in America when he and Tommy first went over there to work.  The Americans compared the two acts and called Cannon and Ball the British version of The Smothers Brothers.

It has been a long time since those days and thanks to the wonders of the internet Bob has been able to watch those old videos and clips of The Smothers Brothers which have had him in stitches once again.  He even went so far as to say today that after re-watching these old shows, he thinks that they are so funny and has enjoyed them so much that they are now his new heroes!

I watched some of these clips the other night whilst I was talking to Bob and have watched quite a few more since and I can definitely see why the Americans called Tom and Bob the British Smothers Brothers.

From the first one that Bob asked me to watch, Boil Your Cabbage Down, to the last one I watched today, I saw many similarities between the two acts.  I told Bob exactly that.  I could definitely see what the viewers in the USA saw when they had seen Tom and Bob for the first time.

The songs and the way that they are performed and delivered are very like what we know and expect from our own Cannon and Ball.  The banter between the two men is perfect, the backwards and forwards chit chat and the mannerisms of the two whilst performing are also like those of Tom and Bob.  They even looked a little alike and one of the brothers is called Tom!!  Spooky  :)

After Bob had said how much he liked them and I had seen what he meant, I thought that it might be interesting for everyone to be able to be able know a little more about what Bob enjoys.

It's nice to be able to share an interest with someone that interests you.

I did a very quick search on The Smothers Brothers and they must be really popular in America still as Cannon and Ball are here as it wasn't hard to find plenty of interesting links of sites and pages about them, some still selling their material.

Please visit:

Smothers Brothers Wikipedia Page

Smothers Brothers Website

Smothers Brothers on TV Party.Com

IMDB - Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour

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