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We've been extraordinarily lucky to have had an amazing career for close to 60 years now and we've worked hard for everything we have achieved. We have no intention of giving that up any time soon.

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Check out many of our memorable moments from the various aspects of our career.

Interviews, sketches, songs, there's a little bit of everything for everyone here.  Click here to see more...



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We've had more photos taken of us over the years than you could even begin to... well... snap a camera shutter at.  Some you'll have seen and will be very familiar with and others may just give you a little insight into who we are away from the screen and stage.

Either way, we hope you will enjoy these and they may even spark a little trip down memory lane, for some.

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For any business enquiries including checking availability, fees or requesting appearances/interviews etc, please contact:


Tel: 0207 430 5400

Phil Dale
c/o QTalent
3rd Floor
161 Drury Lane
Covent Garden


Our website has been through many changes since it was first launched in 2008.
Many events have been covered and features launched.

Here you can find some of the archived events and features, plus other bits and pieces that may be of interest.

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