What do you want to ASK BOBBY?

Well the time is here folks.

ASK BOBBY ran from December 2008 to January 2009 and gave the opportunity to anyone who wanted it, to ask Bobby Ball anything they liked.

It was an interesting experience seeing the questions coming in, all varied and good to see that everyone wanted to know something different.

Bobby was excited to get the questions and got around to answering them the very afternoon that he received them.

When he gave them back to me he said that he had loved answering them, so maybe folks, if there is a demand for it we may be able to get him to do it all over again sometime in the future.

Well, here is what you have been waiting for, happy reading!


Question From: Location: Question:
Andy Smith Goole Hi Bobby.  From all of the people you have met in "the business", who has been the nicest and who has been  . . not so nice?

Hi Andy,
One of the nicest people I have met and there have been many is George Michael.
He was a lovely and warm personÖI wont say who was a pratt because they are somebodyís familyÖHope this answers your question Andy.

Paul Melius Chatterton Hi Bobby, have you ever hurt yourself whilst recording your shows?  I really miss the shows you did on ITV, still got most of them on tape. Cheers Bobby.
Yeah when we did a sketch, some one closed a door too quickly and my nose happened to be in the way and burst it, lol.
Natalie Gaspard Birmingham What was the first song you and Yvonne danced to on your wedding day?
It was an Eric Clapton song, ĎYou look wonderful tonightí
Julie Nunn Great Yarmouth If you could re-live just one moment of your life, what would it be?
When my Mum and Dad walked onto the set of This Is Your Life and I could see the proud-ness in their eyes.
Me - Andrea Jackson Bradford You now have over four thousand friends on Facebook.  Most of these people donít even realise that you and Tom are still working but people out there show massive affection for you, so really that affection has lasted for 20 to 30 years and more!  How on Earth does that feel?
I cant begin to tell you Andrea.  You see when you are working, you get the applause and then you go home but when you see how much people have enjoyed Tom and I over the years, it makes me feel very humble and somehow I want to say a huge thank you to them all.
Wendy Wright Shaw, Oldham Hiya Bobby, not seen you for a long time. Do you miss Shaw and the people there?
Yeah I do a little Wendy, I sometimes go back there and walk around just reminiscing.
Maureen Carpenter Cornwall Hiya Bob,  Always been a fan of yours since my daughter Debbie and her then partner Peyton worked with you in the 80's in the Summer Seasons and TV shows.  What I would like to ask is , Do you still do the rock n roll gigs you did after your normal show ends. They were great, and I would also like to know do you ever come to Cornwall, because we would love to see ya.  Thanks for your time, Love to you and the family Maureen.
Well I go and see where my sons are working, they are called Harper and I get up with them, and also if I go out into Blackpool I get up with a group called Hooper.  I am such a ham hahaha.  If you go to www.cannonandball.moonfruit.com or www.cannonandball.com then all the dates up to now are on there.  Thanks for asking Maureen.
Anne Marie Leigh --- What has been your best and worst ever gig?

Hi Anne Marie,  The best Gig we did was The London Palladium because it is an accolade to work there and the worst was a club in the outback of Australia.  we got slow hand-clapped hahaha!

Natalie Gaspard Birmingham Do you ever still get nervous on the first night of a show?
Not now.
Sharon Edwards --- Would you ever do something like Iím A Celeb again?

Hi Sharon,  Yeah I Loved every minute of it and I would go back tomorrow if they asked.

Geoff Jones --- If I buy the front windows do I still get the back absolutely free? Lol!
Hahahahah Cheeky!
Pamela Brindley --- Who was the worst guest on any of your shows?
Well Pamela, I donít like to tell about the bad ones because I don't think it's fair but the best one we met was George Michael.
Me again! Bradford We all know and love your theme song, Together.  I know that it was written by someone else and chosen as your theme song.  Did you like it when it was first chosen for you?  Do you still like it now and do you think that it suits the two of you, fits well, etc or would you have chosen something different if it had been down to you?  How come you donít sing it live very much these days?

Hahahah Hello Me.  It was written by Nigel Hess and we didnít take too much notice of it at first until people started singing it to us and then we started to like it.  We donít sing it too much now because I am not sure people remember it!

Phillip McDonald Haselbury Plucknett Hi Bobby,  What was the title of the song written by Davis Essex for the film Thatíll Be The Day but that didnít make the final cut?
Hahaha,  You have got me there Philip.  I havenít got a clue!
Jason Crowley Bradford What is the best advice that you would give to a new Christian attempting to build a relationship with Christ?
Just open your heart to him and pray and speak to him.  Ask him to guide you in all you do and slowly your relationship with him will grow stronger.  Hope this helps Jason.
Natalie Gaspard Birmingham Would you ever sing on The X-Factor?
Damon Jackson Bradford After all of these years of working with Tommy, what is the one quality that you admire in  him the most?

Hi Damon, He is one of the best feed men in the world.  If you know what I mean.  I can mess about but he has always to be in control of the performance.

Michael Baker Keighley Any more Juniper Jungle?
No, thatís all done Michael but thanks for asking.
Paul Melius Oldham Have you ever felt really poorly whilst you have been on stage?

Hi Paul.  Yeah many times, but a strange thing happens.  Itís a thing called we pros call Dr Footlights.
Just before you go on stage you can feel really ill and then as soon as you start performing you feel ok, it is when you come off that you start to feel ill again.

Me again! Bradford You have achieved so much in your life and as mentioned before, there is massive public affection for you out there, that must be very rewarding to you.  Do you still have any major ambitions that you would like to fulfil in the future or do you feel that you have achieved everything that you set out to do in your life?
Hi Me Again!  Lol!  I donít really have any ambitions left because I have fulfilled them all.  I would now like to hep as many people as I can.  Thatís my major ambition now.
Tojo Melville Hove We had a great night when you and Tommy visited our church (Church of Christ the King Brighton).
Any plans to return? Would to see and hear you again. We always have a full house!

Hi Tojo.  Well thank you and I hope it wont be to long before we come that part of the country again but we preach all over the place so who knows.

Maureen Carpenter Cornwall Can I buy Together on CD anywhere? I have it on vinyl, reminds me of the times you dropped my daughter Debbie on the floor doing this number.
Hi Maureen,  If you go to www.cannonandball.moonfruit.com and ask anyone in the Fan Forum there, I am sure they will send you a copy on CD.
Natalie Gaspard Birmingham Would you like to be on Strictly Come Dancing?
Well, I wouldnít mind a try at that.
Martin Foley Cheltenham I grew up watching Cannon and Ball, even managed to see you live a couple of times.  I think you are wonderful.  Just wondered if there was any chance of your TV shows arriving on DVD?  I have the live show and Boys In Blue, That always cheers me up if I feel down.  God bless you x

Hi Martin.  I donít think there is because the TV company would have to pay all the guest stars, and ourselves of course, the same money we got when we made them.  So for them it is not worthwhile.  They will have to wait till we are dead then they will do it!  Lol.

Andy Smith Goole When did you realise that you had ďmade itĒ and wouldnít be going back to welding?

Hi Andy.  1980 when we walked to the North Pier, Blackpool, and saw the line of people stretching to the Central Pier.  Then we knew we had made it!

Jacqui Jacob Knibbs Portsmouth You are one of the funniest, most genuine people I have had the pleasure to see, but Bobby, are you as funny in your dreams and do you wake up laughing?

Hahahaha Hi Jacqui.  I donít know how to answer that.
I was worried the other night.  I dreamed about 8 beautiful chorus girls all dancing with hardly any clothes on across the stage. Now you might say ĎThatís not too bad,í
But I was the girl on the end!  Lol!

Me, Yet Again!
Last one I promise!  Lol x
Bradford If you could make one statement to all of your fans out there, what would it be?
I would like to thank you all for sticking by Tom and I all these years.  It a wonderful thing to know that maybe, just maybe, we might have bought some laughter into your lives, because without your participation we couldnít have done any of it!  Thank you.

I would like to thank everyone who took the time out of their lives to think up questions and submit them here and I would also like to thank Bob for agreeing to another one of my ideas which take up his time.  I know that everyone appreciates it Bob, thanks again x

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