As you will probably know by now.  Cannon and Ball are once again hitting reality TV and setting off on their travels on Channel 4's Celebrity Coach Trip.

Here, you will find out a little about what's going on, who they are travelling with and the day to day happenings during their time on the coach.

Call back daily for updates so you don't miss out on their time away.
Watch every day at 5pm to keep them company during their trip!


The Trip  
The Coach Trip started out in Trieste, on to Slovenia, then later moving through Croatia and Italy.
The Travellers  
The ten original travellers for this third series of Celebrity Coach Trip.
Joining Brendan this year, the original ten contestants are:
* Tommy Cannon & Bobby Ball.
Our very own Tommy and Bobby, bringing plenty of fun to the proceedings..

*Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace and Nikki Grahame.
Former Big Brother 7 contestants.

* Edwina Currie and John Jones.
Well known former politician and her husband.

*Derek Martin and John Altman.
Charlie Slater and Nick Cotton from Eastenders.

* Paul Burrell and Jean Brooke-Smith.
Ex-royal butler and etiquette expert.
Day One  

The third series of Celebrity Coach Trip started with a bang, and a few screams as it kicked off today.

The Celebs all discovered who their travelling companions would be when they boarded the coach in Trieste.

As is usual with this type of experience, they didn't all know quite who each other were but they wasted no time in getting to know each other and interacting well.

The coach set off from Trieste headed for Ljubljana, Slovenia as the celebs got to know each other a little better.  When asked to explain to the other travellers who they all were and what they were famous for, Bobby had them all giggling with his tale of how, when they were first starting out, Cannon and Ball played a club where the curtains kept rising and falling the whole way through their act which they had to keep stepping out of the way of.

He explained that when the act was finished, they explained to the club staff that the curtains were broken as they kept dropping the whole way through the act, to be told in no uncertain terms that the curtains were not broken, but that they had been trying to close the curtains and get them off for all of that time they were on as they thought they were rubbish!  This amused the coach and any tensions seems to lift for a while and everyone felt a little more relaxed.

There did seem at this point to be a feeling that Nikki and Aisleyne may not feel too comfortable around some of their fellow travellers due to the different in their ages compared to everyone else on the coach.  This seemed to make no difference to Derek and John and Bobby and Tommy who were all sat towards the rear of the coach with the girls, they were all laughing and joking together and Derek even asked Aisleyne if she would marry him.  they did all genuinely look to be having a great time.

Once in Ljubljana the celebs were informed by Brendan that it was time for their first activity of the day which was that they would be attending CLOWN SCHOOL!

This seemed to go down well with everyone and they were all up for the challenge.

They were to make each other up in clown make up and costumes and perform tasks such as plate spinning and creating balloon animals.

There was some ribbing going on as Tommy helped Aisleyne with her make up and everyone was in fantastic spirits. As everyone gave plate spinning their all, our Bobby just couldn't seem to get the hang of it and it was easy to see that he didn't like it getting the better of him.  As Brendan encouraged him to try again and his plate befell the same fate, Bobby threw a comedy tantrum and minced across the square! 

It was at this time that Nikki and Aisleyne spoke to the camera about realising the difference in age between them and the rest of the group.  They said that they just didn't feel as though they fit in, like they were on an OAP trip!

At the end of the Clown School Activity, Paul Burrell won the balloon animal challenge and this seemed to make him quite happy.  The rest of the celebs were happier when they were then informed that it was time for lunch.

At lunch, all the travellers spent time talking and getting to know one another and as Aisleyne was sat close to Jean, the conversation turned from the fish they were eating (which the girls couldn't deal with, as the fish still had their heads attached) to fox hunting and a debate arose between Aisleyne and Jean about their views on this 'sport'.  This made both couples realise that there may be votes cast later on one way or another over this.

During a trip to the nearby countryside, John began to tell a story about his working life and unbeknown to him, his choice of story, nor the length of it, was very much to the taste or appreciation of the other guys on the coach.  If he had looked behind him at the time, he would have seen his fellow travellers yawning, and laughing.  They all really weren't interested in his story once it had spanned on for quite some time.  The more they all tried to suppress their giggles, the more they occurred and said they felt like naughty kids at school getting the giggles when they weren't supposed to!

Once they unboarded the coach again it was time for a spot of farming!

To reach the farm, the celebs had to sit in a trailer on the back of a tractor and the amusement it seems was the fact that on the rather bumpy journey there, poor Aisleyne had to hold her boobs down to stop them bouncing around and this was noticed by all on board.  Bobby and Tommy performed a humorous impression of it when they arrived at the farm.

The first job to be done on the farm was the mucking out.

This didn't go down too well.  there was lots of screaming and moaning and even Bobby had to get some fresh air as he uttered the immortal words to Brendan. . . . I'm gipping . . I really am gipping!

As the mucking out continued, Aisleyne spotted a bat and started to scream which made everyone else nervous and jumpy and on picking up on this, the other celebs were throwing in comments such as, "Did you just see that rat?" This threw everything into confusion and was really quite funny, they all started wondering what was going on!  Brendan walked outside the sheds being mucked out and curled over laughing at it all saying he couldn't cope as it was so funny.

The celebs were then invited to herd in the cows to be milked.  This they did by running round the fields attempting to have the cows all move in one direction, and a fine job they did too.

The milking came next and although none of them really enjoyed it, none of them made as much of a fuss about it as Paul Burrell who made sure in no uncertain terms, how much he disliked the take and what he had to do to complete it successfully.

Once the milking was all done with, Brendan announced that this was the end of the second activity and that it was time for the first vote!

The votes on this first evening were cast as follows:

Voters:                                                           Voted for:

Aisleyne & Nikki                                               Jean & Paul

Paul & Jean                                                     Aisleyne & Nikki

Bobby & Tommy                                              John & Edwina

Derek & John                                                   John & Edwina

Edwina & John                                                 Aisleyne & Nikki

As there was a tie - with Nikki and Aisleyne and John and Edwina both having the same amount of votes, it was down to the rest of the travellers to cast the deciding vote . .

In the end, it was Nikki and Aisleyne who took away the first yellow card of the series.

Let's see what tomorrow has to bring!

Day Two . . . . .  
Day two saw our celebs rise once again in Ljubljana and at breakfast there still seemed to be some tension from the vote the night before., lots of this between Edwina and Aisleyne.

Aisleyne and Nikki think that they are the easy targets on the coach and that because the other had much in common such as age, that they would all see girls as easy targets to be voted off.

Once on the coach again, Brendan had a plan to have the celebs smiling and get them all working together again.  He had them all hold flags and sing the Slovenian National Anthem . . .

The next great British choir they weren't!
It did though have them all laughing and broke the ice once more for the day.  Bobby was waving his little flag about and singing with passion, although, I don't think he quite knew what it was he was singing!

The coach arrived at their destination for the day . . MARIBOR!

Brendan announced that their first activity of the day was an Ultimate Frisby Tournament.

The celebs were split into two groups and at times, it was difficult to see who was in which group!
There was lots of will to win and also lots of cheating, at times it was hard to know which was which :)

Bobby and Tommy took over and ruled that field, they were everywhere, Tommy took the lead and kept managing to show his sporting prowess and he did really well and outplayed a lot of the younger guys in the game, Rock On Tommy!!

Bobby did well for a while until he was told off by Brendan more than once for cheating and then that was it, he decided to be as mischievous as he possibly could and ended up being sent to the Sin Bin . . . did this stop him? . . . this is Bobby we're talking about . .. of course it didnt!

In the end, Derek's team beat Edwina's team by 6 - 3.  Don't ask me how it was played, how it was scored and who worked all that out as I didn't have a clue, but that was the end result!

Bobby cracked on that he didn't like the fact that Paul Burrell was one of the star players as he took it so seriously and so chased him down the field yelling . . . "You're Going Down!"  Tommy joined in the chase, it was a sight to behold!

On the coach to that afternoon activity, Bobby and Tommy were having deep discussions with Nikki and Aisleyne and there was even a bit of psychology happening on around the table.

Bobby asked Nikki why she wore her hood up a lot of the time.  As Nikki answered that she just liked wearing the hood as it made her feel safe, Bobby explained that it was her place to hide, where she felt safe, she agreed with this.  Bobby then mentioned that this was due to insecurities and she saw this as her place, to escape  . . . she agreed but then thought about it and decided that it wasn't insecurity, it was just that she was shy!  It was really good to see how the guys have taken a genuine interest in Nikki and Aisleyne and do seem to care, the girls do also seem to have genuine affection for Bobby & Tommy.  Maybe some people need to re-evaluate their feelings about the age differences and think in more individual terms rather than looking at all the travellers as a group?

At lunch, Aisleyne and Nikki made a determined effort to mingle more and socialise with the rest of the group to stop them being seen as and feeling as isolated from the rest of the group.

The afternoon's activity turned out to be Summer Tobogganning.

This involves sitting on a small plastic carriage on wheels on top of a thin rail which lead up and down the hills around the countryside.  It was like a very small roller-coaster for one with a very small thin best across your lap to stop you falling off!

Aisleyne was the first to go, as she didn't know what was to come, she quite happily went off but then as the trip ahead of her dawned, she screamed from start to finish! It was very funny.  The party only had one other screamer like her, that was Paul Burrell!  This was commented on by various members of the group, including Tommy and Bobby, Tommy didn't hold back and told Paul, "Ooooooh, *screaming noise*  That's what you did all the way down, Ya Tart!" 

Don't mince your words Tom huh?  :)  Bobby laughed and quipped, "He gets on with everyone does Tommy!"

Nikki went down the track slower than a tortoise on a go slow and then stopped half way down to get her head together, needless to say, she didn't win.  Brendan in the end, announced himself the winner and therefore that was end of the day's activities and it was time for the evening's vote.

The evening's votes went as follows:

Voters:                                                         Voted for:

Nikki & Aisleyne                                             Edwina & John

Bobby & Tommy                                            Nikki & Aisleyne

Derek & John                                                 Edwina & John

Edwina & John                                               Jean & Paul

Paul & Jean                                                    Aisleyne & Nikki

Yet again there was a tie-breaker situation.

The couples who weren't in the tie, yet again had to vote for which one they wanted to give the yellow card to.  Lots of discussion was had but eventually, the second yellow card of the week went to Edwina and John and therefore this saved Nikki & Aisleyne for another day on the coach!

All happy, apart from Edwina . . .

Just where will tomorrow take them?


Day Three . . . . .  
Well, day three of this series of Celebrity Coach Trip was the most explosive by far, there was never a dull moment!

Before the main part of the show even began, Bobby and Tommy had us laughing.  As the introductions were being made and the camera was focused on the pair, Tommy noticed something and made a comment, Bobby saw the same thing and as their gaze moved around, as did the camera, there was lovely lady waking past the area where filming was taking place. Tommy said to the cameraman, "Did ya get that?!"  Big grin! Smiles on the faces of all around . . . what can you say, they are gentlemen who appreciate the finer things in life  :)

The day started in Slovenia and Nikki was seen in the hotel in not the best mood, she was wondering round muttering about being stressed.  To counter that, Brendan was seen directing the celebs to . . . well, he didn't know!  He was trying to find the lobby but each and every time he went through a doorway followed by the other celebs, he found out that he had definitely NOT found the lobby.  At one point Bobby pulled his leg by telling him that one of the doors he couldn't manage to open needed him to put his card on the reader on the wall and then he had to stretch right out to touch the door with his other hand before it would open . . . of course Bobby was pulling his leg and a good laugh was had by the time Brendan realised!

The first trip on the coach of the day commenced with Nikki and Aisleyne sitting opposite Bobby and Tommy.  The girls started their morning ritual of doing their make up and sorting their hair.  Comments were made about the length of time every day that everyone else had to watch them doing their faces, the rest of the coach had comments on this too and it was something that the girls didn't take too kindly to, especially when Jean informed them that it really was bad manners.

The first stop on the coach today was Zagreb in Croatia.
Brendan announced the first activity of the day which was attending a judo class. The majority of the coach seemed pleased about this, Aisleyne asked, "What's Judo?"

The attendees of the judo class showed our celebs some of their moves and they watched on with a mixture of horror and amazement.  Brendan asked who was up for it and if there was anyone amongst the group who did not wish to take part.  Edwina, Derek and Jean decided that it wasn't for them and decided to then go off and explore the town.  They visited markets, had a nice drink and visited the Cathedral.

It was time for the rest of the group get kitted up and they all put on their judo wear.  Tommy and Bobby threw themselves into this as always and as they were crawling along the floor, Tommy looked like he was in his element shouting at the others to 'Keep Your Bums Down'!

Bobby started throwing a few shapes but it more resembled Hong Kong Phooey's moves than anything else he was supposed to be doing at that time.  During an interview moment, Aisleyne and Nikki were talking about Bobby & Tommy and said, "You can tell Cannon and Ball are from the streets, they are hooligans, ruffians!"

Paul Burrell seemed to enjoy this task the least and wasn't very good at it, he was being thrown around and it just didn't seem to be his kind of thing, this was noticed by other members of the group.

There was a funny moment when Bobby walked up to Brendan attempting to look all menacing, made a grab for him but Brendan grabbed back and managed to open Bobby's jacket.  This was all the reason Bobby needed to spin around and walk around with his jacket flapping open flashing his chest!

At this point, in another interview moment Nikki decides that she has had enough and says that Bobby is just an attention seeker.  She said that she doesn't know what his problem is but she just can't bear them, she has just had a gutful!  She just wanted to 'tell all those Muppets what she thinks of them! . . Bobby Ball, an attention seeker?  Never!!  ;-) 
Does she not know . . . He Loves It!!!
It's what he thrives on . . . she will learn!

Lunchtime came around and the strays from the group returned and they were all reunited.
After hearing what the others had been doing whilst they were doing judo, Bobby mentioned that he would have liked to have gone to see the Cathedral.  John, Edwina's husband went to mention it to Brendan who said, no chance!  Not one to take no for an answer and always up for a little bit of a leg pull, Bobby went to ask Brendan himself.

When told no, Bobby played out a pretend stand off with Brendan who had to warn Bobby off joking ly with his yellow and red cards.  It was all drawn to a peaceful conclusion when Bobby pointed at Brendan and in a rather camp voice stated, 'In this light, you've got beautiful green eyes!  See ya later!' Turned and walked away!  How do you follow that?

Bobby decided to be mischievous again when, back on the coach Brendan attempted to make the announcement about what the afternoon's activity would be.

As soon as Brendan started to speak, he had only gotten a couple of words out and Bobby butted in . . . . . . "Is there a cup?" Brendan tried to carry on and so Bobby butted in again . . . "Is there any cup, for't judo?" . . .  and again . . . (looking at Tommy)  . . "No cup for't judo!"  Tommy, amongst others was laughing as he knew what Bobby was doing and just how mischievous he could be.

Eventually Brendan managed to get the word CAKES out and the whole coach cheered. He told the gang that they would be baking Samabor cake, which is a Croatian cake.

Once inside the bakery, the celebs donned their pinnies and hats and were told that after a demonstration, that they would take it in turns to do as they had been shown and create their own cake.  As usual in these situations, Nikki's effort were slightly weak to say the least, in the end, the baker had to take over and simply mix the cake for her as it wasn't being done properly.  The rest of the group started to comment on this, Nikki became aware and it turned into the hissy fit of all hissy fits.  Anyone who knows Nikki Graham knows that this is her trademark move, it's what she is known for and she didn't disappoint.  The tantrum went on and on and on and on . .  and, you get the picture, it went on for a  long time.  She ranted and raved at the travellers, she ranted and raved at poor Brendan outside the building for a long time and after all that poor Aisleyne had to go and have a word with her and explain that by doing what she just did, that she is giving the rest of the group every opportunity and reason to vote them off of the bus which is what they had been trying to avoid.

After the bakery activity came to an abrupt end and everyone had calmed down some, it was time for the evening's vote.  It was pretty obvious by this time that everyone on the coach had had just about enough of Nikki's antics and personally, I felt really sorry for Aisleyne who was going to have to suffer for the actions of her friend yet again.

The third day's votes were as follows:

Voters:                                                 Voted for:

Nikki & Aisleyne                                     Jean & Paul

Bobby & Tommy                                    Nikki & Aisleyne

Edwina & John                                       Nikki & Aisleyne

Derek & John                                         Nikki & Aisleyne

Paul & Jean                                            Nikki & Aisleyne

Nikki started to have a total breakdown, again, as always before the voting was finished and stropped off to sit on her own leaving Aisleyne to finish taking in the voting on her own.

When it reached the turn of Derek and John to vote, as Derek was giving his reasoning, he became visibly upset and was very emotional, it clearly upset him having to vote the girls off and he really did feel the reason deeply and felt terrible about having to do it.  The rest of the group supported him and it was a very touching moment.  He felt that because they had decided the day before to give the girls a chance of another day on the coach to pull everything back for themselves, the way that Nikki had behaved through the whole day was wrong and he was also sad that Aisleyne was going to lose out because of Nikki's behaviour.

When Bobby and Tommy gave their verdict also, Nikki truly upset Bobby by saying that they had been belittling her and calling her names etc, throughout the whole trip.  When they explained to her that they had been having fun, as with everyone else, and asked her to explain her statement, she really couldn't do it and this really did upset Bobby a lot and Tommy agreed, there was no justification for her comments and it was unfair after the way that Bobby and Tommy had treat the two girls since meeting on the first day.

All that was left to do was for Aisleyne to say goodbye to everyone, go and find Nikki and then make their way home.

Bobby did say that he was really sad to see them go.  I think with behaviour such as that and a group of people who are all there ready and willing to work together and muck in when needed, Nikki's unbalanced nature when it comes to things like that, would always have held her back and I think, as much of a shame as it was that Aisleyne had to go too, it had to be Nikki that went, it would always have happened at some point, like a powder keg waiting to explode.

So, what comes next?  This one will be a hard one to top!

Day Four . . . . .  
Day four starts off still in Zagreb as the announcer put it, 'less blonde and more grey', referring to the departure of Nikki and Aisleyne the evening before. (His words not mine!)

Edwina made a comment about the coach being more intelligent now that the girls were no longer there which personally I think was uncalled for but the lady has her opinion!

Bobby started winding Brendan up early in the day, at the breakfast table, letting him know jokingly that all he ever did was boss people around and tell them what to do and it was getting on his nerves. Brendan took no notice as usual and wasn't phased but it is amusing to see this pattern emerging every day.  The ribbing continued on the coach when Brendan asked if Bobby was ready for the day and Bobby's reply was that he thought Brendan was being very bombastic with him and very dominant, with a cheeky grin!  These two are turning out to have a really funny relationship.

Whooping aplenty on the coach when Brendan announced that the morning's activity was to be taken to Plitvice Lakes National Park.  Something makes me feel the whooping was a little half hearted and put on . . . but it was there all the same  ;)  I'm not sure that the celebs really knew what to make of the news that followed but they all gave some kind of a reaction . . . the activity at the National Park was to be Survival Training.

After meeting their survival trainers, the celebs were split into two groups.  One was to start fire, and one to hunt and gather. 

As the hunter gatherers are shown different plants which leads Paul Burrell on to talking about cocktails, the fire starters are gathering wood and yet again this leads to a funny exchange between Brendan and Bobby.  Bobby throws some sticks down a hill which caused Brendan to tell him to 'stop throwing that wood about' to which Bobby replied like a child answering their parent back to get the last word 'I've been told to do!'

Brendan described the hunter gatherers actions as 'bedlam'.  Grabbing bits of dead wood, chopping down anything in sight and shouting and bawling (guess who!)

Bobby tells of Brendan barking his orders and to prove that he was doing well, he stood in front of Brendan and snapped a great branch in half (without telling him that Tommy had sawed it in the middle first) to prove how well he was doing!  Apparently then Brendan would have thought, "Ooh, how strong is he?"  This gets funnier by the day . . . by the minute!

Tommy and Bobby trying to light a bit of straw with a flint was hilarious.  Tommy was worried that he would burn Bobby's hand, was assured that it wouldn't, and then, it burnt Bobby's hand!  After making sure everyone knew about it, Bobby got rid of the straw and handed it over to someone else, quickly!

Turning out to be a cheat at most activities, after not having much success with the flint, Bobby took up Brendan's suggestion of borrowing John's lighter to light the straw with so that the pain of watching them try to do it honestly would be over as quickly as possible!

When supposed to be foraging for survival food, Paul Burrell wound up going off cutting down flowers to make a pretty flower arrangement.  I hope he is never hungry when out in the wild!

The next activity for the gang at the park was fish gutting!  The rest of the group joined in and did what they had to do but Paul Burrell refused and went off to pick more flowers.  It seems that the group were all coming to the same conclusion, that Paul had been wimp of the day.

Their hard work paid off when they had a fire to cook the fish on and boil up some water to make herbal tea!  Paul yet again separated himself from the group and refused to eat the fish or really join in with what was happening around the fire and even Brendan said it wasn't a good sign when people do this as it makes them an easy target for a vote.

Once back on the coach, John Jones started to tell one of his epic stories to the horror of everyone else as they know how long these things usually take but after some ribbing, they noticed that the story didn't take as long as they usually do, suspicions arose that Edwina may have had words with him about being tactical now that there were less people on the coach to actually vote!

After more wind ups over lunchtime, on a warning from Brendan to behave, the celebs are told about their afternoon activity.  the afternoon was to be spent doing some lovely, de-stressing, relaxing yoga.

De-stressing and relaxing for about 8 seconds until Bobby and Tommy start laughing and moving away, saying they wanted their mat moved from behind John and Derek as there was farting going on!

There were yoga demonstrations given, the celebs tried their hand at achieving what the instructors wanted but it just simply didn't turn out that way.  There were definitely some shapes thrown but exactly what they were was quite hard to tell!  Bobby and Tommy described how although supposedly relaxing and good for you, it definitely wasn't!  They found it a little easier though to help to de-stress the pretty instructors with a nice massage at the end of the session though!  What are they like?

After the hectic day, it was finally vote time once again.  As there was a long drive to their hotel the evening's vote was to take place on the coach.

The evening's votes were as follows:

Voters:                                                         Voted for:

Bobby & Tommy                                            Edwina & John

Derek & John                                                 Paul & Jean

Edwina & John                                               Paul & Jean

Paul and Jean                                                Edwina & John

As, yet again, the vote was split, the coach had to be stopped, the two chosen couple alighted, and the other pairs of travellers had to then decide who was going to get today's yellow card between them.

The decision was made to award the yellow card to Edwina and John.  As they already had one yellow card, this meant that the yellow was turned into a red and they then knew that they would be leaving the coach for good.

The show ended with Paul thanking the guys for saving them and they all joked that it was ok as he would be leaving tomorrow and as everyone laughed they all seemed in good spirits.

Will it last? . . . .

Day Five. . . . .  
Day 5 starts in Croatia to a grey and rainy start.  It was only breakfast time and Paul Burrell was already complaining about the quality of the hotel and even the warmth of the tea and coffee on offer.  The breakfast wasn't good enough and he even moaned about there being a cereal dispenser.

While the existing travellers were listening to Paul moan at breakfast, two new additions to the party were boarding the coach in order to surprise the others when they arrived for the morning's journey.  The new travelling companions were Jude Cisse and Chantelle Tagoe, apparently both WAGs!  (Excuse me for not having a clue!)  They told of how their ideal holidays would be somewhere such as Ibiza as they love to party.  Hmm, they're going to have a ball aren't they?

Cue Bobby and Tommy in hysterics again when trying to talk about the girls to the camera, how pretty they were and attempt to describe which one they were actually talking about at the time.  Surely it can't be that difficult?  Ok, yes, it can!

As the girls were introducing themselves on the coach, it became clear that they weren't celebs for anything they may have done in their own right, simply for being with a couple of footballers.  Some of the guys gave a slight cheer when they explained who their men were but on the whole, there was no real excitement and by the face that Jean pulled, she was definitely not impressed.

Derek though, ever the gentleman, welcomed them to the coach and told them that he looked forward to having lots of fun and laughs.  He seems a lovely genuine guy.

After some question and answer time with the new travellers Brendan announced that they were that morning travelling to Zadar.  The activity ahead was to be white water kayaking!

Paul was not impressed, the face he pulled could have turned milk sour.  he then went on to tell the camera that he doesn't swim and doesn't like deep water, too much of a challenge!

The celebs then had to go off, on arrival and slide themselves into some wetsuits in order to face the morning's challenges.  Ok, maybe 'slip into' made it sound too simple . . . but they did it anyway!

They eventually hit the water to calls of how cold it was, Paul not really wanting to be there and then bopping one of the new girls on the head with his paddle as he wasn't watching what he was doing. He then was not happy about going down the smallest of rapids, I say rapis, more of a bit of a gush but he still screamed and shouted the whole way over until even Jean in the back of his kayak had to tell him to stop.  He never stopped moaning but did stop paddling, just sat in the front letting Jean do all the work!

Eventually Paul got out of his kayak and jumped in one with one of the instructors and then did the same thing, let him do all the work whilst he sat about and did not very much,  he said he had to get out, he felt as if he needed to be rescued.

Tommy and Bobby had comments to pass about Paul abandoning his own vessel and getting in another.  To cut a long story short, they thought it was a bit naughty really.

As the celebs floated around the next bend, they faced quite a drop in the form of some lovely but fast flowing water falls.  A few of the guys decided that wasn't for them and left their boats but some decided to stick at it and go for the whole experience.

Jude, Tommy, John, Jean and Brendan all decided to ride the waterfall.
They all did really well, good on ya Tommy, you did brilliantly well!
it seems that the adrenaline rush did them all the world of good.

The sun then came out and the travellers were back on the coach and about to find out where they were going to next.  The boyus were feeling mischevious and started whining like children to Brendan, "Are we nearly there?"  "Breeendaaaan"  "I wanna go to the toileeeet"  It was quite funny to watch as it seemed as thought they had all bonded enough for behaviour like this to come ever so naturally to them all, just as siblings would in the back of their parents' car.

Brendan gave them something else to think about by telling them that their afternoon's activity was going to be glass blowing.

They arrived at the Museum of Ancient Glass and were introduced to their tutor for the afternoon.
A fantastic and very skilled demonstration was given.  if only that excellence could have continued when it came to the turn of our celebs.

After a few quite miserable celeb attempts, Chantelle actually managed the best attempt of the group and this quite impressed some of the rest of the gang. 

Bobby and Tommy were up next and Brendan gave his honest opinion . . . "Bobby and Tommy were rubbish!"  Don't hold back now Brendan, say what you think!!  :)

Paul Burrell asked Bobby how hard he blew to have his be as rubbish as it was made out to be.  Both Bobby and Tommy stressed - HARD!  If they weren't going to get it right and win, then neither was he!

Bobby and Tommy spoke to the camera about how rubbish Paul was and then Paul spoke to the camera about how hard it was to concentrate on anything at all with Bobby and Tommy around as they are an absolute nightmare!

Paul let show on his face that he really wasn't pleased, even Brendan mentioned how very competitive Paul is and that he wasn't happy with Bobby and Tommy as they had tricked him into blowing hard and ruining his chances.

It was soon enough vote time for the evening.

For this evening, no one was on a yellow card and the new girls were immune from the vote.

The evening's votes were as follows:

Voters:                                                    Voted for:

Bobby & Tommy                                      Jean & Paul

Derek & John                                           Jean & Paul

Paul and Jean                                          Derek & John

Jude & Chantelle                                      Tommy & Bobby

Paul and Jean were therefore given the yellow card for the evening and Paul justified it by saying that someone had to get it and so it wasn't too much of a problem.  He admitted that to avoid getting another one, that he was going to have to participate more and kind of acknowledged that he knew it was he who had won then the card and not Jean.

It will be interesting to see if he can put his money where his mouth is and pull that one off!

Day Six. . . . .  
Day six begins in Croatia and boasts a beautiful blue sky and a scorching hot sun.  The celebs seem to be in a good mood. 

Paul told the camera that he was very shocked and didn't quite understand how the last vote had gone so completely wrong and completely against him personally (Hmm, I wonder?) and said that he had decided that he had to make an effort now to get involved with the group more in order to come across and not standing out on his own and becoming targeted.  Funny how the people with yellow cards always come to this astounding revelation isn't it?

As Paul tried to schmooze his way into the group that he should have bonded with already, Brendan stands outside and tells of how the dynamics of the group are going to change anyhow as there are two new travellers about to board the coach!

The celebs are unaware as they set off on the coach for the day that they will soon be pulling over to pick up their new travelling companions.  These come in the form of Soap Stars, Bruce Jones (Les Battersby) and Scott Wright (Sam Kingston) from Coronation Street.

Bruce and Scott spoke of how they knew only about half of the people on the coach but of how good it was to see Bobby and Tommy, good lads, they have good taste!

The coach welcomed Bruce and Scott and they introduced themselves and explained to everyone who they were and what they did before Bobby and Tommy announced that they knew Bruce before he was an actor, they told how they knew him when he, himself was in a double act, Clark(e) and Jones!  Bruce joked how they stole his material and they all seemed to have fond memories of the time.

Brendan then announced what the gang would be doing for the morning.  After travelling from Zadar to Split, the group found out that they would be spending their morning creating some traditional Croatian folk music!

The group were given a demonstration of some traditional Croatian singing by a fantastic group and  as they enjoyed the wonderful sounds they heard, Paul Burrell seemed to have found something he really did appreciate.  Stood with his eyes closed and his hands together in front of him, as if praying, he seemed to be taking in every bit of the ambience.

Bobby and Tommy thought the voices they heard were amazing and also admitted being almost moved to tears..  It seems to have been a very emotional experience all round.

When told to go and mingle with the singing group, Bobby started to show off his vocal talents with a rousing version of Blue Moon, swiftly joined by Bruce Jones!

Brendan was amazed and I think quite pleased that for once, the travellers gave the task their all and did take it all quite seriously and tried really hard to fit in and work well with the singers.  I can't say that some of the notes which were coming out were hitting all the right places but they did try and it looked as though they all really enjoyed it!

Everyone said goodbye to the singers and thanked them for a great time and they then set off to view some traditional Croatian dancing performed by a local group out in the sunshine.

Cannon & Ball were told off . . . again . . . like naughty school children by Brendan for making up their own dances and talking when they should have been watching the performance!  Naughty Naughty, boys!

The group did notice the length of time that the dance was taking to perform and commented on it, Brendan told them to shut up and just watch!

The group were invited to mix with the dancers to learn some of the traditional dance steps which made up the performance they had just seen.  Let's just say that Travolta has nothing to worry about!

Bruce commented on how much he enjoyed it, Paul Burrell tried ever so hard to let people know he was trying ever so hard and Bobby just shouted over his partner's shoulder, "I've pulled Yvonne, I've pulled!"

The coach beckoned once again after they thanked the dance troupe and had their lunch and spirits were raised when Brendan announced that the afternoon's activity was cocktail making!

All very Tom Cruise-esque, they were given a demonstration of all of the fancy moves used by the professional cocktail maker, throwing glasses in the air, spinning round, catching ice, flipping shakers, all very fancy, how long before fancy turned to disaster when our lot got behind the bar?  Hmm! Not long!

I cannot go into details about who dropped what, how many times and how soon as, from the second they were given the tools to lay their hands on there were things flying through the air and hitting the ground none stop!  It was very funny but at the same time, very un-explainable, I am sure that if you close your eyes and think about it, the havoc that ensues would be pretty much close to what actually happened!

Brendan summed it up well in one word - CHAOS!  Utter chaos!  They added whatever booze they fancied and then named it!  I'm not sure how they made it back to the coach.  They all had fun though and had smiles on their faces the whole time they were there, a rare treat!

It was noticed that there was something happening between bobby and Paul throughout this afternoon.  Other travellers noticed that Paul was on edge and trying to impress and that Bobby kept joking that he was going to get rid of Paul at the vote, but then wondered whether he was actually joking!  Jude and Chantelle had a word with Bobby and Tommy and asked them if they would lay off Paul for a while to which they agreed.

Paul won the cocktail challenge which cheered him up and made him proud, this then lead to vote time.

The only couple on a yellow card today are Paul and Jean and therefore one more would mean a red and that they would be on their way home.

Bruce and Scott are exempt with it being their first day and so the evening's votes were as follows:

Voters:                                                    Voted for:

Bobby & Tommy                                        Jude & Chantelle                             

Bruce & Scott                                            Bobby & Tommy

Derek & John                                             Jude & Chantelle

Paul & Jean                                               Jude & Chantelle

Jude & Chantelle                                        Derek & John

This means that Jude and Chantelle receive today's yellow card.
They weren't happy after only two days but I think that it's obvious that it will be a last in/first out voting policy at this point. 

Brendan raised a smile when back on the coach by announcing that they were leaving Croatia to explore a new country, bye bye Croatia, hello Italy!

Let's see what tomorrow will bring . . .

Day Seven. . . . .  
Day seven begins on the ferry still crossing from Croatia to Italy.  Bobby spoke of the fact that it was the best night's sleep he had had since they had been away on the trip.  Paul on the other hand, was still whining about it not being up to the standards that he was used to, blah, blah, blah!  Shame Paul huh?

Once docked, the celebs boarded the coach and set off driving into Italy, poor Italy!

Bruce and Scott knew that now they were eligible to be included in the votes that they really should make an effort to bond with the group and put across a good front so as not to drop themselves in for any unnecessary votes.

As conversation ensued between Scott, Bruce, Jean and Paul, it was noted that it looked as though something was trying to crawl out of the top of Bruce's T-Shirt.  It turned out that Bruce had an extraordinarily hairy chest and it was not to the taste of the other travellers.  At the first opportunity, Scott produced a set of hair clippers and set about de-fluffing Bruce.  Must have been a bizarre sight at the side of the road, one fully grown man shaving off another fully grown man's chest hair surrounded by a group of onlookers!  I'd have driven past quickly or looked the other way and carried on walking!

Jean mentioned after the conversation with Bruce and Scott that she wasn't interested in the conversation had and that she didn't appreciate Scott's swearing, basically, it's not big and it's not clever . . . she is too old for silly little boys . . . apparently!

The coach took the celebs from the port of Ancona to the resort of Riccione.  Brendan announced that they would be having a relaxed day of fun today and that their first activity would be to get out and play a few rounds of Mini Golf!  There were mixed reactions to that idea on the coach but it was to be relaxed and fun so what's not to enjoy?

Bobby and Tommy were first to set off on their round of mini golf and Brendan warned them that there was to be no cheating!  What? Bobby & Tommy?  Cheating?  How very dare he, what was her trying to imply?  Haha!  :)

As the morning wore on, there were lots of duff shots, lots of missed shots and let's face it, lots of cheating, and not just by Bobby and Tommy.  Celebs were getting frustrated and competitive and it was just like watching the kids on holiday all trying to get one up on each other!

Bruce and Scott, and Derek and John decided a grudge match was in order, Coronation Street versus Eastenders, would the north or south be victorious?  Bruce did become very competitive, he did well and John did spend way longer than he should have done on one turn and have everyone standing waiting and watching . . he blamed the fact that Brendan was standing watching and commenting!

In the end, the northern lads won the challenge and made sure they let the southerners know about it.

As the camera visited Bobby and Tommy, Bobby was caught cheating yet again.  Tommy was complaining to Bobby that he had moved his ball next to the wall so that he couldn't move it.  (He had!)  Bobby swore he had never touched the ball and didn't know what Tommy was talking about.  the catchphrase of the moment was . . . I never touched it!!

A really amusing clip ensued, a backing track was added, the tune of MC Hammer's, Can't touch this, with Bobby at every opportunity popping up to say "I never touched it!"

As Bobby and Tommy were still arguing, Brendan appeared and told Bobby that he had been caught cheating yet again and was disqualified for touching Tommy's balls!  That's all I have to say about that!

As the scored were revealed, it was discovered that Derek and John took 81 shots, Bruce and Scott 69 and Jude and Chantelle and Paul and Jean both drew with 30 each, whereas, Bobby and Tommy were disqualified for cheating!

There was a bit of banter before lunch and Bruce revealed to the camera that he had the feeling that Cannon and Ball would definitely vote off he and Scott that evening in revenge for them voting for them the previous evening.

Brendan also had a reveal to make.  He said that he was about to shake things up as he was going to rid himself of all of his yellow cards and from this evening's vote onwards, the couple with the most votes would receive an instant red card and go home!

The celebs seemed really shaken by this revelation, it had obviously made them think about their own positions, their own behaviour and what on earth was going to happen that evening.  There was silence for the first time ever on the coach!

Brendan announced that their afternoon activity was for them all to train some dolphins.  i don't know what they initially thought about this but the celebs did actually all really love this activity.

Spending time with the dolphins seemed to calm and relax them all and put them all in really good moods.  It was said to be one of the most amazing experiences.  They were taught how to signal to the dolphins to have them perform certain actions such as flipping their fins, lifting their tails, jumping and even singing and dancing, it really was quite lovely to watch.

As the afternoon wore on, the thoughts turned to the vote and Jude and Chantelle said that they felt a slight relief as they already had a yellow card but now with the red card rule in action, everyone else was in the same boat that they were.

The vote was then upon them, the evening's votes were as follows:

Voters:                                                        Voted for:

Bobby & Tommy                                           Bruce & Scott

Bruce & Scott                                               Jean & Paul

Jean & Paul                                                  Bruce & Scott

Derek & John                                                Bruce & Scott

Jude & Chantelle                                           Bruce & Scott

It seems that the old worry of last in, first out became a realisation in this case for Bruce and Scott.  they weren't on the trip for very long but they made some friends and seemed to have a great time while they were aboard.

This now shows the rest of the group that this could be anyone now, on any day, maybe some tactics will have to come into play for some, we shall see . . . .

Day Eight. . . . .  
Day eight sees the celebs awake in Riccione and as breakfast rolls around they all seem to be getting all fantastically well.  Is this because the original group has boned through their experiences or is it because they now realise that it only takes one bad day and they are gone?

Tommy spoke to the camera and told of his joy of being out there in the beautiful weather, how it had made him wear his pink short and life was just great!

Paul and Jean spoke of how they thought they may have been up for a vote soon but how Paul is now relying on the original travellers and their loyalty to keep them in as has been the case before with the last in first out act.

Once on the road, the celebs were to hear more news from Brendan. 
Whether they were expecting it or not, he made sure that they knew that today was going to be another red card day.  They weren't too impressed but it did seem as though they all knew and were expecting it.  They cheered up when Brendan informed then that they were on their way to Rimini.

A little bit of culture was dropped on the unsuspecting celebs when they found out that their morning activity was to be a life painting lesson.  now, I'm not sure that they all quite realised what this was to involve!

Once they arrived at their destination, before the morning's activity began, another surprise was dropped on them, 2 new travel companions!

Alison Hammond and Sharon Marshall from daytime TV's This morning were on their way in to say hello!

Everyone was worried about whether they would all know who anyone else was, but as soon as they walked through the door, Sharon Marshall caught a glimpse of the celebs and went all goo-goo over the fact that Bobby and Tommy were there.  She seems to be an admirer and a little star struck,  It made her smile as she first arrived anyhow!

Rather than just standing back and making the girls feel welcome, Paul made a point of coming forward and telling them that he didn't have the slightest clue who they were which came across as slightly rude!  well, it was a bit, wasn't it?

On with the painting!

The celebs gathered around their easels and then out came their model, their nude model!  Most of them didn't know where to put their faces.  Even bobby and Tommy were left open mouthed and not knowing where to avert their gaze.  Bobby's face was an absolute picture!

No matter how much direction the celebs had from the tutor of the morning, they basically took no notice and did what they wanted, how they wanted.  All except Paul.  As he likes everyone to know that he appreciates the finer, more cultured side of life, he made a great effort to be sure that he came out on top through this activity.

I hate to say this and I beg your forgiveness Tom when you read this, but, we did catch a sneaky peek of Tommy's drawing and at the stage it was at, it did look like something from Beavis and Butthead, although Derek likened it to Desperate Dan!

Brendan asked how Bobby was getting on who commented that he was getting on fine but found it quite difficult when people kept interrupting him asking him questions, haha! Brendan went round to have a look at Bobby's picture and burst out into a fit of laughter to Bobby's bemusement!

The celebrities eventually shared their pictures and to my surprise there was no winner chosen and so I am sure that Paul Burrell was secretly gutted.  They thanked their instructor and the model and then made their way out to have some lunch.

On the coach to the afternoon's activity, Brendan decided to play a game with the celebs and give them a chance to each stand up as a couple and beg for mercy now that each night is an instant red card vote.  This the celebs did.  To be fair, all the reason given were pretty lame reasons but it kept them amused for a little while!

Smiles were seen on all of their faces though when Brendan announced that for the afternoon, they would be frolicking in the sun, sea and sand playing beach games.

Once at the beach and in their swimming costumes, they were told they could do anything they liked as long as they had fun.  It wasn't long before the fun and games really did begin . . .

Whilst on a pedolo, Tommy, Bobby and Brendan all decided they would try to trick the others and started jumping out, rocking the thing in the water, pulling at each other, until eventually, Tommy managed to pull Brendan into the sea. 

The afternoon really carried on the same way, it did seem to do them all good though and lifted their spirits and it was good to see them unwind and forget about this being a game or a competition and just enjoy their time together.

Enjoy, of course, as much as you can when everywhere you turn is talk about votes and conspiricies.

This lead on to the end of the day which always means, vote time.

Voters:                                                      Voted for:

Bobby & Tommy                                         Jude & Chantelle

Derek & John                                              Paul & Jean

Paul & Jean                                                Jude & Chantelle

Jude & Chantelle                                         Paul & Jean

Alison & Sharon                                          Paul & Jean

This means that after so many days on the trip, Paul and Jean will finally be saying bye bye Italy and hello home.

As much as they have joked about it along the way, people did seem genuinely sad to be seeing Paul and Jean leave.  None more so than Tommy.  Bobby and Tommy voted to try to keep the team together and as Tommy explained, he is an emotional person anyway and felt for them but then when Paul started to cry, Tommy felt that and it did visibly upset him.

As one day ends and another looms, things begin to get tense and who knows what will follow?

Day Nine. . . . .  
The penultimate day starts with all of the celebs enjoying their breakfast with only one thing on their minds, red cards!  It was the subject of every conversation within the group.  There is talk of groups being formed and conspiracies and lots of thoughts about the tactics to be used when the evening's vote finally comes around.

Breakfast done, coach boarded and there is a quick stop off to pick something up . . . s new pair of celebs!  Boarding the coach this morning are DJs Mike Read and Pat Sharpe.

Brendan welcomed the pair aboard the coach and he knew Mike Read but didn't have a clue who Pat Sharpe was, how do we get around this problem?  Yes, of course, we have them introduce themselves to the group and explain what they are famous for!

The trip this morning takes them from Rimini to Faenza. Emperor Brendan then announced to the group that the activity that they would be taking part in for the morning was a spot of Roman Chariot Racing.

As the coach pulled into the main square, it was clear that there has been a large area sectioned off with costumes hand-maidens as Tommy called them awaiting inside and there were large crowds of the general public looking on waiting to see what was going to occur.

As our gang alight the coach, the crowds started clapping and cheering, even though they obviously didn't know who our celebs were, so that was really nice and generous of them. 

I don't think it had dawned on the celebs just what this task involved.  They soon realised that they would be the ones pulling the chariots!  They were all dressed in their togas and were ready for the games to begin.  Brendan revelled in his role as Emperor, think he could get quite used to that.

The race was on, each pair ran round the track with their own mini Emperor in their chariot.  Tactic were talked, plans made, but that all went out of the window when they left their brains at the door and ran hell for leather around the circuit.

two races were held and the winner of each race went head to head in the final.  This meant Pat and Mike racing against Jude and Chantelle.  As the race was about to start, Brendan threw in the added incentive of the winners of the race being taken away to be pampered!

Camera to Bobby and Tommy saying how much they couldn't believe that the winners would be taken to a Roman Spa and pampered . . . if they'd have known that, they would have actually tried!  :)

The flag was waved, the line crossed and Jude and Chantelle won themselves a pampering session at the spa.  As delighted as they were by the prospect of some time away, the girls then started thinking what could be happening during their relaxing time, people could group together and conspire against them . . . how paranoid does this show make them?

As the girls settled down to an afternoon of relaxation, the rest of the group were taken to a ceramics museum to have revealed to them, their next activity of capturing the flavour of Italy on camera.  The group were split into two, interestingly enough, split into old and new, Alison. Sharron, Pat and Mike against Bobby, Tommy, Derek and John.  they were told to go out into the city and photograph as many sculptures as possible and also to capture a taste of the place by doing all things Italian, such as kissing the local!  Poor locals!

Stresses and frustrations came out amongst the groups as things were becoming competitive now and everyone wanted to win.  Discussions about what to photograph became heated and | think a few new opinions were formed.

Once Brendan saw the photographic evidence, the original travellers' team were announced the winners of the afternoon's challenge.  As the winners were announced, the girls arrived back from the spa and Brendan announced that it was time to hold the last red card vote.

Voters:                                                      Voted for:

Bobby & Tommy                                         Sharron & Alison

Derek & John                                              Sharron & Alison

Jude and Chantelle                                      Bobby & Tommy

Mike & Pat                                                  Jude & Chantelle

Alison and Sharron                                      Bobby & Tommy

With Bobby & Tommy and Sharron and Alison both having to votes each, they were asked to step out of the circle whilst the other coach trippers decided their fate.

It was decided that the red card would go to Sharron and Alison and Bobby and Tommy would stay.

Bobby and Tommy were chuffed to be seeing the final after being on the coach from the start and even Sharron and Alsion had the good grace to say that if they had been in that position, they also would have voted against themselves as Bobby & Tommy are absolute legends.  Very nicely done girls, showed a winning and very gracious spirit.

So, the final looms, let's get on with it then . . . .

Day Ten - The final day!  
The morning of the final day begins with the celebs realising how tired they all are and how reaching the final day of the trip has affected them.  Brendan turns on the charm offensive and tried to put them all in good moods.

On the coach, Brendan asks the celebs to rate their tour guide, just a way of fishing for compliments but also an opportunity for him to get some stick from Bobby!  Of course!

Bologna, the home of Spaghetti Bolognese, is the next stop off on this, the final journey.  This fact must have inspired the first task of the day, off the celebs are ushered into a kitchen to don chef's garments to learn how to make spaghetti bolognese the good old fashioned way.  Each couple had to decide which of them was to make the pasta and which, the sauce.

Whilst earning how to make his pasta, Bobby made a new friend.  His pasta making instructor was just about as mad as he was.  There was some chemistry going on there, they seemed to get on well, actually 'get' each other and found each other very funny.

In the other room, Tommy was mincing his meat for the sauce and then decided to mince it all the way back across to where he was creating his masterpiece.

Bobby and his new found friend however, were conspiring and plotting, they hatched a plan for Brendan to be grabbed in a warm Italian embrace giving Bobby the chance to sneak up and plod a pile of flour and goodness knows what on the top of Brendan's head, which he then had to duly wash off in the sink.  He got his own back soon enough by chasing Bobby round with a squirty bottle full of water.

Brendan was blindfolded and then tasted all of the dishes which had been made.  He chose his favourite to win the task and the plate he chose as the tastiest belonged to Jude and Chantelle.

After lunch, the gang boarded the coach and really didn't know what to make of the activity that they were told they would be taking part in in the afternoon, the last activity of the trip.  Does anybody really go sewer rafting?

Once off of the coach, the guys were to put on a hard hat and climb down a man-hole where all you could see from above was rapidly moving water.  Brendan went down first.

Once down the hole, they were seated in a large raft and as the girls were worrying about what was down there with them, Bobby and Tommy gave them some useful advice.  the girls were nervous and didn't quite believe that the noises which Bobby and Tommy were telling them to make to keep away rats and spiders would actually work . . . hmm, I wonder why?!  ;-)

As the raft set off down the sewer, the motion of the water, the bumps against the side, the darkness and the fact that they were stuck in a closed in sewer started making some of the group a little nervous and unsettled.  At a certain point, they had to leave the raft and crawl along a gangway made from scaffolding and wood, not a good move for the claustrophobic within the group.

Derek, at 78 years of age, with two new knees was remarkable, he would not let it beat him and battled through to the end with everyone else. 

Once they reached a further point, the rafts were of no more use, they had to get out and start walking down some huge cavernous tunnels.  The tunnels were housing the actual sewers of Bologna and the way that the smell was described was enough to turn your stomach, never mind seeing the looks on their faxes as they walked to find the end of this tour.

Bobby and Tommy still managed to smile about the whole experience by sarcastically talking to the camera about how lucky they thought themselves to be after reaching the final and all the glamour and excitement that came with it!

After they said goodbye to their host of the sewer tour, the group were asked to separate off into their couples as it was now time for the very final vote.

The voting system was slightly different tonight in the way that they were not to vote who they would like to leave, but for who they would like to see the winner of the trip, their favourite fellow travellers.

Whoever came out on top at the end of this vote would be the winner of Celebrity Coach Trip and receive a cheque for 1000.00 for their chosen charity.

The votes were as follows:

Voters:                                                  Voted for:

Bobby & Tommy                                     Derek & John   

Derek & John                                          Bobby & Tommy

Jude & Chantelle                                     Derek & John

Mike & Pat                                              Derek & John

This meant that overwhelmingly Derek and John were the winners of this series of Celebrity Coach Trip.

Derek became very emotional.  The feelings that came forth from the voters was that John had been a great guy to be around for ten days and that Derek was an inspiration to them all and had been just a thoroughly decent and honest man the whole way through.  All of the other celebs were genuinely happy for the winners of the show.

So folks, that was Celebrity Coach Trio, and one to remember at that!


Call back each evening for the latest news and updates on the day's proceedings


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