The number of Cannon and Ball fans of all ages is growing today.
There are those of us who grew up watching them on TV every week and there are now our kids who watch them with us and think they are as funny as we did at the same age.  Their appeal is never ending.

Everyone here wants Bobby and Tommy to know that we are still here rooting them on and that we appreciate all the hard work they do for us. 

Andrea - Bradford - with Bob May 2008 Name - Andrea
Location - Bradford
Age - 37
Fan Since - Childhood
Message - Thanks for all the years of happiness you have given to me.  You were a huge part of my childhood and now my adult life too.  I hope this website gives a little something back, from me to you.  Rock On Bob n Tom!
Andy with Bob, Hull, May 2008 Name - Andy/Smudge
Location - Goole
Age - 23 . . . . ok  . . . 47!!  Lol
Fan Since - The early 80s when I was a slip of a lad
Message - You are "The Guvnors"!  You are that rare breed of entertainers that actually care about your fans.  Long may you reign.  It is an honour to be able to call Bob 'a friend'.
Janie with Bob Name - Janie
Location - Mexborough
Age - 41
Fan Since - The last 32 years
Message - A lot of fantastic memories you guys have given my family and myself and are still giving.  A fan for 32 years, friends for life.  Love you both x
Natalie and Bob Name - Natalie
Location - Birmingham
Age - 33
Fan Since - Been a fan for 24 years
Message - Thanks for all the happiness and memories you have given me over the past 24 years and for many years to come.  You are true legends and an inspiration.  I am proud to call Bob my friend.  Love to you both x
Gemma with Bob and Tom - September 2008, Bradford Name - Gemma
Location - Bradford
Age - 16
Fan Since - Watching their shows with my family over the last few years
Message - I have loved watching Cannon and Ball videos for a while now, the older I get, the funnier they get.  I met them for the first time recently and it just made them seem better than ever.  Can't wait to see them again.
Scott with Cannon and Ball Name - Scott
Location -
Age -
Fan Since -
I first saw them in 1997 at Butlins and have been huge fan since
Message - 
I had my picture taken with Cannon and Ball at the Princess Theatre in Torquay, it was in the Herald Express.  This is the photo you see here.  Please put Torquay on your tour list, would love to see you near here.
Roz with Cannon and Ball, Bradford, Sept 08 Name - Roz
Location - Silsden
Age - 45
Fan Since - 1981
Message - I have been a fan for the last 27 years and I love you ever so much. 
As the years go by you just get better and better.
I am proud and happy to call you my friends x
Jude with Cannon and Ball Name - Jude
Location - Tamworth
Age - 47
Fan Since - 1983
Message - Hi Tom & Bob.
Hoping to see you both soon, take care, love ya lots.xx
Claire with Bobby - June 2009 Name - Claire
Location - East Yorkshire
Age - 28
Fan Since - Childhood
Message - SO many of my happy childhood memories include Cannon and Ball.  I watched 'Boys in Blue' until the colour came off the video tape. Thanks for years of happiness...long may you continue!   'You on for tomorrow???!!!'   :)
Rick with Bobby Name - Rick
Location - Lincoln
Age - 48
Fan Since - I very first saw the on TV in the early 80s
Message - Fan since I 1st saw you on Wheeltappers, you were my absolute heroes, meeting you, you are both very nice & down to earth guyz, always have time for a chat, you've left me with fantastic memories, thanx guyz, keep rockin on Bob & Tom.
Erika with Tommy Name - Erika
Location - Weymouth
Age - 42
Fan Since - Since I was 16 or so
Message - I grew up with you and your album was one of my most played, I loved it. My fave song on there was 'Everybody's making it big but me.' I still know it all now. I'm looking forward to seeing you both in Weymouth this year. Lots of love. Erika.
Ruth & Richard with Bobby and Tommy Name - Ruth
Location - Bury St. Edmunds
Age - 39
Fan Since - The 1980s
Message - Thanks guys for all the happiness you bring to your many fans. Long may you continue. xx
Jonathan with Bobby & Tommy Name - Jonathan
Location - Goole
Age - 20
Fan Since - Since I have been watching C & B videos, a while now
Message - Thanks guys to all the laughter you bring to everyone.  Rock On Bobby & Tommy!
Alan in Felixstowe Name - Alan
Location - Felixstowe
Age - 51
Fan Since - Since the early TV appearances
Message - When I heard that you guys were staring at my local Spa Pavilion I rushed to purchase tickets for me and my family.  Your site is giving me this wonderful opportunity to say a big thank you. Keep on rockin', it's always great to see you.
Name - Elaine & Elle
Location - South Shields
Age - 47 & 9
Fan Since - Since I was born
Message - Hi Boys! We have loved you forever and seeing you live for the first time was marvelous. You have a precious gift and we can never thank you enough. God bless you both. Love always Elaine and Elle x x x
Name - Kieran
Location - Rochdale
Age - 18
Fan Since - Young child when my dad bought me a Cannon & Ball DVD
Message - Ever since I watched the first DVD of you guys I was captured by your comedy style. My dad took me to watch you for my 18th birthday and this is where the picture was took. A massive thank you for inspiring me so much!
Name - Jeremy (Music Director - Festival Choir)
Location - St Michaels Church, Middlewich, CHESHIRE
Age - 46
Fan Since - Alhambra, Bradford in the earlier days.
Message - Thanks for keeping us from taking life too seriously. If you ever need a backing choir to tour with you give us a ring! Favourite line: “Get the car started ‘Von!”

Awaiting Photo

Name - Dave Hudson
Location - Hemingford Grey, Cambridgeshire
Age - 40
Fan since - Getting kicked out of a PE class in 1982 for shouting out 'Rock on Tommy'. (For some reason judged an inappropriate time to do it)
Name - Amy
Location - Colchester
Age - 7
Fan Since - Age 2
Message - Amy has just recently seen Tommy and Bobby live for the first time and is a bigger fan than ever. She loved it.
Name - Martin
Location - Colchester
Age - 43
Fan Since - Age 13
Message - I've loved Bobby and Tommy all of these years and go to see them every year.  I am very proud that my daughter Amy recently wanted to go to see the show and met the guys.
Name - Jeff
Location - Wigan
Age - 70
Fan Since - 1970s
Message - Ha Ha Hood, Southport. Brilliant show as usual. Love you guys, great to meet you after so long (and get on the stage). Thanks for the autographs and photos, perfect gentlemen. Rock on for ever!

Awaiting Photo

Name - Ms N
Location - Oxford
Age - 52
Fan Since - 1984
Message - I used to watch their show on Saturday nights in 1984 when I was 21, Bobby was my favourite with his cheeky smile, and those braces!!! I  would laugh until my sides ached. How TV has changed since then


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