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Bobby Ball, Trumpet Sketch   Bobby and Tommy, Molly MaloneTommy Cannon, Trumpet Sketch

Awww, Look At It! Cannon and Ball

These fantastic cartoons of Bobby and Tommy were created by Michael Smith, a freelance cartoonist and animator.  He has done quite a few things for Cannon and Ball in the past, I think these cartoons are fab!

To check out more of Michael's work, follow this link to his own blog.

These cartoons and the photo of the Little Bobby and Tommy below were supplied for the site by Michael's dad, Andy, Mr. Smudge Smith!  Thank you!


Little Tommy and Boby.These cute little things were created by Jo's Little People.

Jo Moscrop runs her own business creating these gorgeous little people, there are lots of them on her website, there are little people for all occasions.

Andy Smith asked Jo to create a little Bob and Tom for him and he gave then to the guys a while ago, I am sure they absolutely loved them, how could they not?

To find out more about Jo's Little People, please follow this link to her website where you can see more of her work and enquire about little people of your own.


A poem written in honour of Cannon and Ball by Jasmine Mehlert

Jasmine followed Cannon and Ball back in the 80s and enjoyed everything they did, in later years she moved to Australia and has recently re-discovered a whole new world of C & B through the internet which inspired her to write this fantastic poem for them.


My memories unfold,
To shows long ago,
When I laughed till I cried,
Had a smile a mile wide.

Cannon and Ball were the cause,
My ears rang with applause,
For those two funny guys,
"More, more," were the cries.

The braces twanged,
Tommy and Bobby sang,
The dancers shook their stuff,
The audience couldn't get enough.

I had such fun,
And when it was done,
I found the stage door,
Just to see them some more.

It's been a while,
Since I saw your smiles,
Time has marched along,
But you're still going strong.

Just want you both to know,
How much I loved your shows,
Hope you keep going forever,
And that you do it TOGETHER.

Another fab poem in honour of Bobby & Tommy
Sent in by Anthony Dunne, Feb 2010

The Eighties were dreary and dark and sad
Unemployment and poll tax drove us all mad
I turned to my TV to find solace and fun
And found Cannon and Ball and the joy had begun

They had quickness and humour with tons to spare
Tommy was calm and Bobby pulled out his hair
As he twanged his braces to the point of distraction
You could have a headbutt from Bobby if you wanted action

Pigging hell he would shout and we would all stand still
His eyes were glazed as though his looks could kill
But Tommy was there to help calm him down
What would we do if he wasn’t around?

Isnt it great to find YouTube for shows
And find without surprise popularity grows
And now a new website to inform us of dates
Where we can escape cyberspace and actually see these two greats



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