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All of the items here are OFFICIAL merchandise and are sourced directly from Bobby Ball Entertainments.

At the moment we can only accept payment by cheque, this may change in the future, we will let you know if and when we have any developments on that.

Please take a look at the selection we have for you to purchase today.

I'm Sticking With You - Gospel CD

I'm Sticking With You

Bobby Ball - Gospel CD
  Track Listing
Beautiful World
Who Is He?
Love Shine Down
Everyone Needs God
Set Me Free
Sticking With You
Jesus My Friend
Always Looking Back
Could It Be
You Didn't Have To
Thank You Lord

Features tracks used recently on videos on Facebook!
Price - 10.00 + 2.99 Postage and Packing



My Life Revisited - Bobby Ball

  My Life Revisited
Bobby Ball - Book
With a foreword by Tommy Cannon

A fascinating insight into the life of one of our country's best loved comedians.

An updated version, written to include such recent events as Bobby and Tommy's time in the jungle, means that even if you have read books about Bob and Tom before, this can still guarantee that you will have something new to learn.

My Life Revisited, Bobby tells it how it is!  A fantastic read!

               Price - 8.99 + 2.99 postage and Packing

How To Order

To order any of these items, please send a cheque made payable to Bobby Ball Entertainments to the address below with the items required on a separate note with your full name and address.

Please ensure the amount of the cheque is correct as it will slow down your order otherwise.
If possible, add an e-mail address in case we need to contact you about your order.  This also ensures that we can inform you of any new available products.

Please note:  If you are ordering 2 or more items, a postage and packing discount is applied.  If this is the case please simply add 5.00 to the value of your chosen items and that will be all you need to pay for the delivery of your entire order.

Bobby Ball Entertainments Cheque payable to:

Bobby Ball Entertainments
c/o 7 Mead View
West Yorkshire

Please write on the rear of the cheque, the cheque guarantee card number to enable swifter processing of your order.  Please allow 14 days for delivery.

Order Checklist - Have you?

Chosen your items and added up the value correctly?
*  Filled in your cheque with the correct amount made payable to Bobby Ball Entertainments?
*  Made sure that your cheque guarantee number is on the back of your cheque?
*  Noted down the items required with your name, address and e-mail address to include with your cheque?

If so, great!  We look forward to being able to send your order as soon as possible.


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