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28th -
Again, we'll be blowing out another candle on the birthday cake of our own Bobbito Ballso!

Image result for bobby ball

Wishing you a very happy birthday, Bob.  We thank you for another year of making so many people smile and look forward to the next one whilst wishing you the happiest, most peaceful and fulfilling one, yet!  Many happy returns!

25th -
We now have a fully verified list of An Audience With Cannon & Ball dates and venues along with their April show in Blackpool, therefore, if you wish to see Bobby and Tommy between March and May, visit the live shows page now, to find out where you can book your tickets.

7th -
As some of you may have seen, there are a number of shows being advertised online for Cannon and Ball, An Audience With, type shows at certain venues. If you search the ticket sites you will find these, however, I am unable to add them to the live shows page of this site due to not yet having them officially verified by either Bob, Tom or management. 



14th -
Another panto season begins.......Ohhhh, yes it does!!
Again, Tommy and Bobby are spending the festive season at the Lyceum Theatre in Crewe, starring in Jack and the Beanstalk.  Click the link below for more details on the production and to book your tickets!


24th -
As we move into the Autumn season, there are plenty of venues still available for you to book to see the guys along with Stu Francis, Johnnie Casson and Anne Marie Slack in the fabulous play, The Dressing Room.

You'll kick yourself if you miss it.  Find a venue near you, now!

21st -
As you may have noticed on our home page, turns ten years old today!

It seems like no time at all ago that a little fan site named Rock On Bob n Tom was launched, putting out there all those memories which weren't available anywhere else at the time. There were only home videos left in existence which people didn't want to let go of for anyone to be able to relive the shows, songs and sketches with, which we all loved.  The DVDs hadn't then been released.  We assisted in raising awareness to the  production company, of the want and need for these and also certain aspects of the actual production of these.  As we had explained in the beginning, they were a massive hit and still keep so many people happy every day, now.  Old home video tapes were painstakingly copied over to the PC to create digital copies and then chopped down into clips to display here for people to see once more, all those memories they had cherished for so many years.

Who would have thought that Rock On Bob n Tom would soon become the Official online home of Cannon and Ball and see out so many great events over so many years? Meet Ups, T-Shirt runs, shows, events, tribute evenings, fundraising shows, and even the re-release of Tommy and Bobby's Theme Song, Together.  So many things that as a child, sat in front of the TV, watching these guys with my Dad, I could never dream of actually being a part of. 

So.....Bob and Tom and all you loyal, fabulous, fans out there, Thank You for an amazing ten years, and here's to the next ten!! CHEERS!!

15th -
Don't forget that there are still a couple of opportunities left yet to see Tommy in the fabulous play, Seriously Dead!  These guys are giving us plenty to keep us on our toes at the mo!

Click the image to visit the Seriously Dead Facebook page to find out more.


27th -
Today is the 80th Birthday of our lovely Tommy Cannon.  You're an inspiration to us all, Tom, and looking so good whilst being so too!  We wish you the happiest of birthdays and send you all the love and best wishes it's possible to.  Have the best day!


24th -
New dates added to the live shows page.
Today has seen some changes and additions to the live shows available for this year.  More chances to catch The Dressing Room in more locations and more venues.  Get yourself over there by clicking here and book your tickets now, you know it makes sense.  After recent TV successes, tickets may sell out quickly, make sure one of them is yours!

23rd -
Still got your voting finger poised?
Last Laugh in Vegas is available to be voted for, in the Telly Planet Awards 2018, in the category of Best Factual Entertainment.  Head over there and give this show the vote it deserves.  Click here to go to the beginning of the poll.

Last Laugh In Vegas - Best Factual Entertainment Show

15th -
Great news!  Last Laugh In Vegas has been nominated for a TV Choice Award for best reality show of the year.  The show to scoop this award will be down to YOU, the general public.  These awards are chosen by the viewers.  If you loved Last Laugh In Vegas and want to give back to the guys and gals who spent that time entertaining you, please go over to the TV Choice webpage to cast your vote and help our guys and the rest of the cast make it all even more worthwhile. Give them another accolade to add to their recent achievements.

To cast your vote - Click here!

Imagine how great it would be, seeing these guys all go up on the stage to collect this award, knowing that it was you who put them there.  Go on, it takes a matter of minutes to vote.  Do it now - and don't forget to click the final button on the last page as you don't want your vote wasted!

13th May - Harry Hill's Alien Fun Capsule
For anyone who may have missed Bob and Tom on Harry Hill's Alien Fun Capsule yesterday, please check out the episode in the following  video clip.  Luckily, there are always lovely people out there who make it possible to catch up with such things. 

Just a quick reminder to all.....Don't forget to check out Benidorm on ITV tonight at 9 for another chance to see our Bobby on TV.  Let's see what mischief he can get up to whilst having sun in the sun!


24th -
Half an hour to go until the last episode of the fabulous Last Laugh In Vegas.  Don't forget to click over to ITV3 after the main show to see the Vegas show in all it's full glory.

13th -
There have been recent reports online that Bobby will be starring in this week's episode of Benidorm on ITV, and although Bobby can be seen in Bendiorm this year, this will be the last episode of the series which is to be shown in another two weeks, on the 2nd May.  I'll make sure a reminder goes up here before time to remind everyone.

12th - This April and May, you can catch our Tommy on stage in a theatre near you, touring with the stage play Seriously Dead. There are a host of other well known faces starring in this play and the reviews are great. If you want a good laugh and another chance to see Tom out on the road, book some tickets now and head out to support him wherever you can.

10th -
Another round of Last Laugh In Vegas tonight. 9pm, ITV.  Be sure to tune in to keep up with how everyone's getting on, how the dynamics within the group are shaping up and the progress with the Vegas show.  Going to be unmissable viewing.  Be sure you don't miss out. 

Also, ust a quick note guys, that the final episode, which will be the show itself, will now be shown on ITV3 immediately after the main show on ITV on the 24th April! Don't get caught out by this. What a night that will be. Can't wait to see the result of all the hard work that went into it!

8th -
Just a quick reminder that as Harry Hill's Alien Fun Capsule returns next week, Saturday 14th April, keep an eye out on upcoming episodes for the guys popping up to say hello! Back in your living rooms Tuesday too with Last Laugh In Vegas. Such a busy time. Hope you're all enjoying this time as much as we are, though!

4th -
Social media blew up last night during and after Last Laugh In Vegas.  There are some awesome comments being made about the show and Bobby and Tommy in particular.  People seemed to love it.  Keep it up guys.  I know that Tom and Bob appreciate your support so much.  Let's keep on lending that support in the coming weeks!

3rd -
Only just over 2 hours now before the first episode of Last Laugh In Vegas airs.
Don't miss out on this show, everyone will be talking about it tomorrow.  Be sure you're in on the conversation!
9pm ITV - Rock on Bob & Tom!!

Today is the day!  We're on a countdown to the first ep, this evening!


31st -
Only a few days to go now.
Don't forget.......ITV Tuesday 3rd April, 9pm.
Last Laugh in Vegas.  Be there!!

27th -
Harry Hill is back on ITV with a new series of his Alien Fun Capsule and Tommy and Bobby will be joining him.
Keep an eye out for the air dates for another chance to see Cannon & Ball on your screens soon.

Check out more details here:

Our guys appeared on Lorraine this morning after much anticipation and they didn't disappoint.  It seems that the world was waiting to see them.  Despite long time fans being confused at the whole 'Cannon and Ball reunite' to appear on Lorraine that seemed to be the headline all the press went with, the world and his dog were overjoyed to see Bob and Tom on their TV screens again.  Hoping this means that Last Laugh In Vegas is gong to be the massive hit it should be.  Photo from The Daily Mail.

25th -
Bobby and Tommy will be appearing on ITV on Tuesday morning, with Lorraine Kelly.  They'll be chatting about the new show, Last Laugh In Vegas which begins on Tuesday 3rd April.  Please do tune in and show the guys your support.  The show airs from 8.30 am.

20th -
We can now share the news that Last Laugh in Vegas will be shown on ITV1 on Tuesday 3rd April at 9pm.

Tune in to see how the gang all get along living together in Las Vegas, how they prepare for the show and indeed, who will have the....Last Laugh In Vegas!!

5th - A word from the man himself about this fabulous play that's touring this year, somewhere near you!
Check out the Live Shows page to find out where and when.


3rd -
New live dates for the coming year so far have been posted this morning and we will update the live shows page as often as there is anything new to let you know about.

Keep an eye out in the press and on TV for news about Last Laugh In Vegas.  We're all dying to see all the antics that went on in that house, right?  The big show is one thing, but all those hilarious folk under one roof? Got to be worth a watch! 
News posted here as soon as we have it!


28th -
Wishing our Bobby an extremely Happy Birthday today.  Sending you all our love and best wishes for the coming year.
Have a fabulous day!



It's that time of year again.  Oh yes, it is!!!

Tom and Bob can be found in panto for three weeks at the Crewe Lyceum Theatre, from the 16th December, right through until the 7th January.  Please go along, support the guys, have a fabulous time and say hello!
Further details and booking options can be found here.


18th -
There are stories circulating on the internet linking Bobby with a further series of Benidorm.
Please click to see example here.
After speaking with Bobby and Yvonne in person tonight, we can say that as of yet, these are simply rumours and have not been verified. 

A request from Yvonne.

We are putting a charity show on at the Lowther Pavilion on 28th July. We need to raise money fast for cancer treatment in Germany for Janet.  Please buy a ticket and come enjoy a great show.  If you can't come, please still buy a ticket and give it back to sell to raise more funds.  We have Cannon and Ball, Stu Francis, Sherrie Hewson, Mark Jay, Peter Anthony, Phil Walker, Jo Ashcroft and Tracy Jordan.
All these people are performing for free, so please please support this great cause.  Thank you.

Please pass on this information to everyone who may be interested in helping support us and share as much as possible on your social media to help save this lovely lady's life.

Please call 01253 794221 for tickets and further information.


27th - Happy Birthday Tommy!!

Wishing our Tom a super Happy Birthday today.

We hope that the day will bring to you everything you'd wish for yourself.

Lots of love.






Summer Season

For everyone asking, there are no verified dates as of yet.  I have spoken to Bobby about this and as filming schedules are particularly hectic this year, dates for live shows will be posted as and when they are available.
We'll have any to you as swiftly as we can once they're verified.  Thanks for your patience.


In the news today.

Tommy Cannon to become a dance legend as well as one in the kitchen?

Newspapers today report that Tommy is hotly tipped to star in this year's series of Strictly Come Dancing. 
How amazing would this be?
Click the link here to read the story.


Summer season in Blackpool?
Tommy mentioned that Blackpool North Pier may again be the lucky venue to host Cannon and Ball throughout this summer. 
We will keep on top of this and as soon as this and dates are verified, we'll post them here on the site for you to be able to watch out for tickets going on sale.

- 28th - Happy Birthday to our lovely Bobby, today.

Have yourself a fantastic day, Bob.  Lots of love and best wishes sent from your friends and fans everywhere.

Tommy and Bobby are performing in The Dressing Room all over the north of England in the coming months. 
Please check out the live shows page to find out which theatre is closest to you and go along to support them.



28th -
New dates for The Dressing Room added to the Live Shows page, guys. 
Check these out and show Bobby and Tommy your support when they hit a theatre near you.

It's that time again.... Oh yes, it is!

Bobby and Tommy star in Aladdin at the Lyceum Theatre in Crewe from 10th - 31st December.

As always with panto, the enjoyment the guys feel doing this shines through in their performances.  Be sure not to miss out and join in the fun.

Box office - 01270 638242.


2nd -
New dates for The Dressing Room added to the shows page.  Check out if it's coming to a theatre near you.


Our lovely Tommy made it right through to the semi-final of Celebrity MasterChef before being pipped to the post.
Well done, Tom.  You had us all glued to our TV sets and we were super proud of you!


27th - Happy Birthday Tommy!!

Today sees the birthday of our lovely Tommy roll around again.

We wish you the happiest of days Tom, and hope that this will be the best of upcoming years for you.

Thanks for still making us smile year upon year.  We'll see you soon and will be there in spirit helping you blow those candles out today.

24th -
Tonight, Tommy made it through another episode and showed us what he really could do in Celebrity Masterchef.
He made it through to the semi-finals. Come on Tom, you can do it!  We're all behind you!


Celebrity Masterchef

Congratulations tonight to our Tommy who did us all proud by cooking his way brilliantly through the first round of Celebrity Masterchef on BBC1.  He cooked his way through three tasks and it was amazing to see his confidence grow with each one.

We're rooting for you Tom, show them what you can do. Looking forward to the next episode!  Friday 24th June - 8.30pm. BBC1.


17th - Exciting news from Tommy.

Today we learned that our very own Tommy Cannon will be competing in this year's Celebrity MasterChef.

The competition will be shown in BBC TV starting in June and I know that he will have plenty of support from you guys as he hopefully makes his way through round after round.

Please be sure to keep an eye out for the show and spread the word.  Let's show Tommy how many of us are behind him, willing him on and wishing him well.

Good luck Tom.  We're all rooting for you!

Keep up with progress on Twitter by following @TheTommyCannon and also @MasterChefUK.


Viva, another one night stand!

Tommy and Bobby team up once more with Rob and
to bring us another fantastic night of comedy and song. 

May 29th brings us the follow on from last year's amazing
sell out show which found these guys having us all
rolling in the aisles (or around the tables) with laughter.

The first of two shows of it's kind this year at Viva,
Please be sure to call and book your tickets whilst there
are still some available.

What better way to have yourself the best bank holiday

Please call 01253 297 297 for tickets.

January 28th

11th - Together We'll Be OK is live on iTunes for download now.

After the success of last night's Yorkshire Flood Aid event, the single Together We'll Be OK is now available to download from iTunes

10th - Yorkshire Flood Aid Concert - The Victoria Theatre, Halifax.

Fantastic appearance at the Yorshire Flood Aid Concert and the launch  announcement of the re-release of Together We'll Be OK.

Look North Interview - on stage at The Victoria Theatre   Sunday 10th January saw the day of the Yorkshire Flood Aid Concert at The Victoria Theatre, Halifax.
Everyone involved gave their time free of charge in order to raise money for the people of Yorkshire whose lives have been affected by the terrible floods which hit on Boxing Day.  15 days after the floods struck, this show, which was put together in only 10 days, played to a sold out theatre who all gave generously and enjoyed an amazing show whilst at the same time raising an absolutely astounding £50,000.00.

Cannon and Ball were eager to say yes upon being asked to headline this show as ideas were still coming together.  The photo on the left shows the guys being interviewed by Christa Ackroyd for BBC Look North News.

More photos will be added soon to illustrate what an amazing effort was put in by all involved.

6th - Cannon and Ball's theme song, Together We'll Be OK to be released as a charity single to raise
funds for Yorkshire Flood Aid.

Together We'll Be Ok.  Charity single to be released on Jan 10th. Continuing from Bobby and Tommy's appearance at the Yorkshire Flood Aid concert in Halifax on Sunday, the single version of Together We'll Be OK will be
re-released and available for purchase to raise more funds for this great cause, from places such as iTunes, Amazon and Spotify!

I'm sure you'd all love to purchase this simply for the song itself, but knowing it's for such a great cause makes it all the more worth doing.  Come on folks, spread the word. 

If we sell enough, who knows, we could find our guys in the charts again!  How awesome would that be?  Let's make this a massive success for our lads and the people who really need this money to re-build their lives!

4th - Yorkshire Flood Aid Concert
Victoria Theatre, Halifax.

Click for details of event

Please click the image above for more information on the event.

Cannon and Ball will perform at this fantastic charity event in Halifax to help raise funds to help people affected by the terrible flooding over the Christmas period.  There will be a host of well known names and all money raised from the event will go directly to help those in need. 
Call 01422 351158 for tickets which are on sale now at £15 each.




2015 Panto - Hull
It's that time again.........Oh, yes, it is!!

Panto is with us and this year Tommy and Bobby star alongside Joe McElderry at Hull's New Theatre in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as the wicked Queen's henchmen!

Details of how to book tickets both through the theatre's website and also over the phone, along with dates and times can be found on the Upcoming Shows page


There's a treat on the horizon for all Cannon and Ball fans, comedy fans and theatre fans alike.  Bobby's new play, The Dressing Room is doing a run around the theatres of the North between September and October with hopefully the option to take it nationwide at a later date.

There are some fabulous well known faces starring in this fabulous production.  Alongside Bobby and Tommy, there will be Stu Francis, Johnny Casson
and Linda Nolan.

Find available dates an venues over on the Upcoming Shows page.

NB:  Linda Nolan was later replaced by Kate Robbins who starred through the final run of shows.


Only a couple of weeks now guys, until Bobby and Tommy begin their weekly shows on the North Pier in Blackpool, every Saturday night.

The shows begin on the first of August and run right through until the end of October so there's plenty of opportunity for all to be able to call in and catch a show over the Summer.

There are some great support acts to get the crowd warmed up each week including Tony Rydal and Ben Nickless.  Good to see these guys all working together again.

Tickets can be obtained from the North Pier box office or booked online.  The box office can be contacted on 01523 623304.  Here's to a cracking Summer Season!


27th - Tommy's Birthday!


Happy Birthday today to our lovely Tommoso Cannoso!

We all wish you the very best, health happiness and lots of love today, Tommy!
Have a fabulous day with your friends and family.  Keep on Rocking!



Good news on the Summer Season front, guys!
Bobby and Tommy have agreed to perform at the North Pier Theatre in Blackpool every Saturday night between August and October!  Fabulous!  Get yourselves along to Blackpool and enjoy every minute of what we all thought we'd be missing out on this year!

Also be sure to check out the Live Shows page too to find out more about how you can see them in a one off show with The Harper Brothers in Blackpool, The Dressing Room and panto in Hull too!  Lots of chances to catch up with C & B this year.


27th - We can today announce that there will be no Cannon & Ball Summer Tour in 2015.  We understand that this news will disappoint anyone who regularly attends the shows each Summer.  Bobby and Tommy apologise to all who may feel this way.  Other commitments mean that a tour would prove impossible to facilitate but they do all look forward to seeing everyone at Panto time.

This year they will appear in Hull at The New Theatre will Joe McElderry.  This will run from 8th December until the 3rd January.  Tickets for panto are available now: please click here for further information.

Any further news throughout the year will be posted as and when verified.


28th -


I know that everyone will join us in wishing you a very happy birthday Bobby!

We know you're always busy and planning the next project to keep us all entertained and amused but you deserve a day off to be spoiled by your family and friends.


We love you!



27th -

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to our very own Tommy today.

We love ya Tommy.  We're so pleased that you're still wanting to be out there every year travelling the country making us laugh.

You are a treasure and you give us something to look forward to countless times every year

Please keep doing what you're doing and just being you.

Lots of love from all of us!


28th - A massive HAPPY BIRTHDAY today to our very own Bobbito Ballso!

Thanks Bobby, you are appreciated by each and every one of us, including all your stage and screen fans, your Twitter followers, your Facebook friends and those of us who are lucky enough to call you friend in person! 

Have the very best birthday,
lots of love and best wishes from each and every of us!

December 2013

December sees once again Tommy and Bobby spending the festive season entertaining us all in panto in Lincoln at the Theatre Royal.

This year we are to be treated to Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood!

Performances begin on Monday 9th and all times and details on how to book tickets can be found on our Upcoming Shows page.

We wish safe travels to all who attend as we know that you'll all be there giving Bobby and Tommy your full support as always.

Thank you. They look forward to making you all laugh once more.


November 2013

The news has now been announced that next year will see performances of a new play written by our Bobby, starring both Bobby and Tommy and the Fylde Coast Players.

Rock Off Tommy!

As you'll see, the play is called 'Rock Off Tommy' and here is what you can expect to see.

In a rundown bar in Majorca we find Tommy Cannon, half of the successful comedy duo, Cannon and Ball.  Tommy has retired to Spain having split from Bobby on acrimonious terms.

The bar is struggling to survive, so with some assistance from his drunken wife, his camp compere and his dopey waiter, Tommy plans some entertainment to attract new customers.

Who could the booked act possibly turn out to be?


The play and an interview with Bobby were recently featured in the Blackpool Gazette.

Find out more: Blackpool Gazette


September 2013

29th - This year's Autumn Shows are about to kick off this week around the country, watch out for Bobby and Tommy coming to a theatre near you.  Check out the Live Shows page to find out where you can catch them in the coming weeks.

August 2013

The two shows, Step Back in Time and Ooh La La continue to draw in the crowds and everyone seems to be loving them.  The reviews are fantastic and all in attendance are leaving the theatre with a smile on their face and happy memories.  If you haven't booked to visit the shows yet, do so now, you won't regret it.

There are now new dates for the Autumn up on the Live Shows page.  Check them out, see if there's one near you.

July 2013

23rd - Today sees the huge grand opening of the amazing new show Step Back In Time.
Visit the Grand Theatre, Blackpool and take a peek.  You won't regret it!

From now until September, 6 days a week.
2  amazing shows.

Showing Tuesday 23 July 2013 
to Saturday 7 September 2013
Step Back In Time is a high quality production that celebrates the careers of some of the world’s greatest entertainers.

This fast-paced show highlights some of the greatest musical artists of all time; Elvis, Queen, the Bee Gees, Michael Jackson.

Experience your favourite million-selling songs presented by an exceptionally talented cast of performers who deliver such hits as Blue Suede Shoes, Somebody To Love, Stayin' Alive, Disco Inferno, Man in the Mirror and Boogie many more!

This is a dance in the aisle, toe-tapping, non-stop show for fans young and old, it’s perfect for the family!

Step Back in Time is hosted by and stars the hilarious comic legends Cannon & Ball, as you have never seen them before!
Breathtaking Cirque acts, sumptuous costumes and much more... it’s non-stop entertainment!
Front Stalls & Dress Circle £23.00
Centre Stalls £21.00
Upper Circle £19.00
Upper Circle £17.00
Gallery £15.00
Concessions £2.00 off (excl. Gallery)
Get 20% discount off full priced tickets when you purchase for both summer shows at the same time
Groups 10+ £15.00 all seats
Family Ticket x4 (Min 1 adult max 2 adults) £50.00

Showing Thursday 1 August 2013 
to Saturday 7 September 2013
Direct from Europe after 10 triumphant years, Ooh La La is the seductive French burlesque revue show that brings you the very best in Parisian style entertainment. This summer Bor Productions brings together some of the world’s best performers for The Grand Theatre, Blackpool.

Ooh La La is the Parisian style burlesque spectacular with a fabulous international cast.
Joining Cannon & Ball is the sensational singing star Katie Shepherd whose moving vocal performances are comparable to Celine Dion and Whitney Houston, jaw-dropping Cirque acts from Emilia Arata a European star and elegant aerial contortionist, O’Neil Reyes, Cuba’s celebrated circus performer and gymnast, who has wowed audiences around the world with his hand balancing and aerial strap acts. World-Class comic juggler Romano Frediani comes direct from Las Vegas, AND the dynamic and glamorous All-star dancers complete this high class line-up. Ooh La La is jam-packed with lavish costumes
and non-stop entertainment.

This International spectacular showcases award-winning acts from around the world.

If you see one show in Blackpool this summer it has to be Ooh La La it’s simply UNMISSABLE!
Front Stalls & Dress Circle £25.00
Centre Stalls £23.00
Upper Circle £21.00
Side Upper £19.00
Gallery £15.00
Concessions £2.00off (excl. Gallery)
Get 20% discount off full priced tickets when you purchase for both summer shows at the same time
Groups 10+ £15.00 all seats
Family Ticket x4 (Min 1 adult max 2 adults) £55.00

April 2013

20th - Today sees the addition to this website, the confirmed list of dates for the coming year.  There will be more added as they are confirmed so do keep checking back.  These can be found on our Live Shows Page.

This Summer consists of 2 shows, both homed at the Blackpool Grand Theatre.

It's set to be the biggest and most spectacular Summer Season Show in Blackpool for many, many years.  There will be alsorts of different acts sharing the stage with Tommy and Bobby so do go along and see one of them. They are ones definitely NOT to be missed.

19th - Today sees Bobby on our screens again.  This time popping up on BBC1.  He appears again reprising the role of Lee's Dad in Not Going Out.  As we all know, it's always hilarious when Lee Mack and Bobby get together so do tune in.
We know it'll make for a fab evening's viewing.

10th - This week sees Bobby back on our TV screens with a vengeance, he is taking over.

After appearing on The BBC One Show he is back with us again on Friday 12th April on ITV's This Morning, a nice early appearance to look forward to.  This will see him talking about The Security Men, the new show featuring Bobby which starts that evening.


We know that you'll all be watching and supporting Bobby as you always do.  We thank you all.

Click here to find out more about The Security Men.

Click here for a nice little interview with Bobby!


February 2013

23rd - For everyone asking, we will have all new upcoming dates as soon as the first ones have been confirmed. 
Once the list is in and Tommy and Bobby have it, they'll be up here on the Live Shows page.

Missing Bobby and Tommy out there performing? No need, get yourself over to Twitter to find out what they're up to.
You can find them at Tommy's Twitter and Bobby's Twitter.

18th - A good friend of ours is involved in a charity fundraising event for Goole GoFar which we'll supply details of below, where you could bid to win some completely unique, fantastic, signed little Cannon and Ball figures.  These things are amazing! See below for details:

Get your leg warmers and shoulder pads out of the wardrobe, the Goole GoFar is holding an 80’s night Charity Fundraiser.

It will take place on Saturday 13th April in the Conference Hall at the Goole High School, 7pm for a 7.30 start
The night will feature local Jam tribute band Strangetown and Blue Flame Disco will be playing music from the 80’s.  There will be a buffet and raffle and people can come in 80’s fancy dress. This is optional but there will be a prize for
best male and female fancy dress. 

There going to be an auction of celebrity items including “Little Cannon & Ball” figures signed by Bobby and Tommy.
There are also things from Mrs Brown, there are signed photos from some of the Harry Potter and Game of Thrones cast, as well as a signed photo from “ice man of the moment” Joe Pasquale.  McLaren racing have generously donated a fantastic book all about the history of the team. For the film buffs, there is a shield that was used in the 2010 Robin Hood film starring Russell Crowe, donated by Propstore. Along with many other items.

If you can’t be there on the night but would like to bid (especially for your very own Bob and Tom) You can go here and contact Andy Smith on the phone or by email or have a look at the Goole GoFar Facebook page.

Be great if you could help support a small but essential transport charity that offers its services to those most in need

Little Bob & Tom signed by Bobby

 Little Bob & Tom signed by Tommy

How fantastic are these? For a chance of getting your hands on them, contact Andy as shown above!

January 2013

10th - Don't forget you can catch up with our two favourite guys on Twitter.  Bobby spends lots of time there chatting, Tommy has set up home there and is enjoying getting to know everyone and the Cannon and Ball News account will keep everyone up to date, when there's anything to know.  Do check out our links page to be directed to each individual account.

December 2012

18th - Another chance to see Bobby on TV this Christmas will be when he appears on Strictly Come Dancing on BBC1 on Christmas Day.  In the run up to that, to get you in the mood, you can hear Bobby talking about it in this clip of a radio interview from BBC Lincolnshire.

Click to listen to the clip.

16th - If you didn't manage to see casualty, you can check out the episode here.

15th - Bobby can be seen this evening on BBC1's Casualty.  Check it out at 9.15.
Another chance to see Bobby in a Santa suit is not to be missed.

10th - The first weekend of Panto 2012 went fantastically well.  Everyone who attended are saying how fantastic it is and how funny Bobby and Tommy are within it.  It's a special time of year. Hopefully many of the people reading this will manage to attend, if so, we wish you the best time.

November 2012

9th - There has been lots of things going on lately.
The Summer Season finished last Friday, it was a great run. The guys got to see lots of you along the way which they fully enjoyed and they would like to thank you for making the season so memorable.  Hopefully everyone who attended had as much fun as they did.

Bobby has been doing more filming, he is in London this week filming further for Lee Mack's Not Going Out!
That will be on our screens before we know it so please do keep an eye out for that.

Rehearsals for panto will be upon us before we know it.

Panto this year is at Lincoln Theatre Royal once more and this year it's the turn of Dick Whittington.

As always, Bobby and Tommy will have the most fun, it's a special time of year.  The show runs from the 7th December right through until the 13th January, it's a long run so please do pay the show a visit, it'll be well worthwhile and the guys would love to see you all there.

You can gain more information and book tickets by visiting the Theatre Royal website:

Please click here to visit the website now.
Don't worry, you won't be directed away from this page.



October 2012

11th -
We have tonight launched a brand new Twitter account. It's the official Cannon and Ball account and it's there to inform everyone of what we have coming up, what's going on with us and be sure that everyone knows where we can be officially be found online.

We both still have our own individual accounts @TheBobbyBall and @TheTommyCannon which we are more than happy to chat through but the this new one is really just to be sure that everyone has the information they need.  We may not chat from there or follow back right now as we simply don't have the time to be able to keep up with chatting from all accounts and answer the amount of DMs which would come through.

We'll see how this settles in and if we do manage to be able to get through onto there to answer any questions, we will do.  Thanks in advance if you follow us, we do appreciate this and hope that you may find some of the info sent through there

5th - The next series of The Original Uncut Cannon & Ball Show is to be released in February next year.  It is available for pre-order from Amazon now. 

Release date is Feb 18th. Plenty of time yet but if we per-order now, we don't have to worry about it and it shows that the demand is there for them to continue being released.

 What are you waiting for, get over to Amazon's C & B DVD page to pre-order your copy today.


August 2012

22nd - Mount Pleasant is back on our screens tonight, good to have Bobby back on our screens again as Barry.  Lots of people have been awaiting it's return. Good luck Bob, we're all behind you!

The season is in full swing now with shows going well and lots of people getting to meet Bobby and Tommy for the first time and in other cases, all over again!  Everyone seems to be having a great time, long may that continue.

July 2012

30th - SUMMER SEASON STARTS HERE! Here we go again guys, our Summer starts here. Bobby & Tommy shall be travelling up and down the country and seeing lots of you along the way. There are lots of dates to be played and lots of laughs to be had. Let's have a great Summer.  

Great Yarmouth tonight, here we go!  Check out the upcoming shows page to find out where you can catch the guys over the Summer.

23rd - Cannon & Ball - The Complete Series 5 was released today and is available at all good DVD retailers. If you have pre-ordered your copy, watch for it falling through the door any time now.

14th - Series 5 of The Complete Cannon & Ball Show is released later this month.  Not long now guys. Have you ordered your copy yet?  No?  Get yourself over to somewhere such as Network DVD, or Amazon and do it now!  You know you'll regret it if you don't!

4th - EXCITING NEWS - Tommoso Cannoso has joined the world of Twitter.  After Bobby has been with us for a couple of years now, Tommy has now ventured into the virtual world and can be found occasionally tweeting the odd hello!  Follow him @TheTommyCannon

June 2012

27th - Please join with me and everyone who visits this site to wish Tommy a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today.  As always Tom, you are in our thoughts and we wish you an utterly fantastic day! xxx

May 2012:

4th - We have been informed that the newest release of The original uncut Cannon & Ball Show will be released by Network DVD on July 23rd this year.  Keep an eye on places such as Network DVD, and Amazon in order to pre-order your copy.

April 2012:

4th - We added our Frequently Asked Questions page to the site to help with all of the questions which come in regularly through this site in our e-mail and also, Twitter and Facebook.  As everyone gets busier throughout the year, we don't like to think of anyone having to wait for an answer to a question because Bobby or I are busy and can't get through the e-mail as quickly as we would like.

The FAQ answers the most asked questions, if there are ones that you think should be added, do let me know and we will answer the ones which do appear the most.

January 2012:


Wishing lots of love and happiness to Bobby on today, his birthday.  It's always nice to see online, on days like this how much he is appreciated and how so many people wish him all the best and do hold him dear.  I know he appreciates it.  Happy Birthday Bobster!  xxx

27th - Well, Coach Trip came to a conclusion this evening and Bobby and Tommy came in a fantastic second after Derek and John were voted the overall winners.

It seemed to be something that everyone agreed on, Derek and John did fantastically well and it was heart-warming to see Derek becoming emotional at the end.

Well done all involved, but especially well done to Bobby & Tommy.  You did us proud guys, we were with you the whole way! 

23rd -  Are you keeping up with events on Celebrity Coach Trip? We are now into the second week, please do visit our Coach Trip Travel Log to keep up with the latest from the show.  Click here!

16th - Today sees the start of the new series of Celebrity Coach Trip on Channel 4 at 5pm.

This series is rather special as it features our very own Bobby and Tommy travelling across Europe on a coach full of other celebs including a royal butler, two Big Brother babes, a politician and a handful of actors amongst others.

I am sure that you can imagine the laughs that will have been had on that coach. 

What did Bobby and Tommy think of the other guys on the journey, what did they all make of Tommy and Bobby? 

We will have to watch every day from 5pm to find out.  Be sure to tune in guys, you know it's going to be worth it!

Celebrity Coach Trip Series Three
Channel 4
Monday - Friday 5pm
Staring Monday 16th January 2012


We have their own Coach Trip Travel Log here on the website and this will be updated each evening.  Call back each night to find out what has gone on.  Here's to a hilarious couple of weeks!

6th - Today it is announced that Tommy and Bobby will be appearing on Celebrity Coach Trip in the very near future.  The series was filmed last year and can be seen on Channel 4 at 5pm from Monday the 16th January

Be sure to support the guys as they make their way through Europe causing havoc as they go.
Click here to see who Cannon & Ball's travelling companions will be.

1st - HAPPY NEW YEAR - WELCOME TO 2012! A brand new year to be enjoyed, from myself, Andrea at and from Bobby and Tommy, we wish for you the very best of years, may it be the happiest yet.  You can be sure there will be plenty to keep up with as usual where Cannon & Ball are concerned. Keep calling in to see what's going on.

December 2011:

28th - Good news tonight for anyone who has been awaiting Bobby's return to Facebook.  His profile is going live online again tonight, keep an eye out for him there or go and look him up at  and don't forget, he is still tweeting at

24th - Wishing to you all from me here at and also from Bobby and Tommy themselves, a very Merry Christmas.  Take care all and enjoy whatever way you are celebrating the season.

13th - I found this lovely review of Cinderella today, very positive and gives the impression that all involved are having a whale of a time as are the audiences - Read it now.

8th - Panto opened fully tonight.  All going well.  Bobby reports that they are both fully enjoying it and look forward to seeing you all in the audience should you go to see the show.

4 days to the start of this year's panto in Lincoln!

Oh no it's not . . . Oh Yes It Is!!  Ok, enough of that!

If you haven't got your tickets yet, do so soon here!

There hasn't been much news up here lately folks, this has only been because Bob & Tom have been busy working on projects to keep us all entertained.

They both are well. Panto rehearsals have been going swimmingly. Sounds like it's going to be a hoot!

Bobby has been working on more TV projects.  Not going out is back in the New Year with another appearance from Lee's Dad!  That should be amazing!  Mount Pleasant will be back next year also and therefore work will have to be put into that and so if the news page slows down a bit, it's only because the guys are busying themselves.

October 2011:

27th - Bobby's sons, Rob and Darren, The Harper Brothers have online today a new-look website.  Check it out, if you like Bobby & Tommy, you will love The Harper Brothers - click here to visit!

26th -     Less than 12 hours later, over 15,000.  Unbelievable! 10.15am.

25th - There was a Bobby Ball love-in on Twitter tonight.  Jimmy White tweeted to his followers to call over and say hello to Bobby and then the race was on, once it was realised that Bobby was not too far away from 10,000 followers.  The Twitter arms were rallied and the re-tweeting began, the last 350 followers were gained in less than 20 minutes and by 11pm Bobby was over the 10,000 mark. . . . and they just kept coming.  Proof indeed that Bob & Tom have really left an imprint in people's hearts and lives.  Well done Bobby & good on you Twitter!

If you would like to follow Bobby on Twitter, you can find him at or search for him on there as

I am sure that he would love to see you over there and say hello. 
It's great to see how much everyone loves seeing him on there.

17th - Good news for collectors of the DVDs of the original Cannon & Ball Show.  There is now a date for the 4th Complete Series to be released by Network DVD.  The date is 27th February 2011.  Network don't have this available on their own site just yet but keep an eye on the Forthcoming Releases page of their website.  It can however be pre-ordered from Amazon!

4th - Cinderella officially launched.
Bobby and Tommy were involved in the official launch of this year's panto in Lincoln.  This piece appeared in the local Lincolnshire newspaper to let everyone know that the ugly sisters are on the way to make us all laugh this December/January!  Click here to read all about it.

1st - FRANKIE SAY . . . ROCK ON!

Last night, Bob and Tom had a special visitor to their show in Potters Bar.

Brian 'Nasher' Nash, of Frankie Goes To Hollywood fame, visited Bobby and Tommy backstage and had a fantastic time at the show.  Was fantastic to see Nasher telling how much he had enjoyed himself and describing Bob and Tom as two wonderful gentlemen!

Looks like a good time was had by all. 
Now if only we could get Cannon and Ball singing Rage Hard on stage, that would be something to see!  ;-)

September 2011:

3rd - An explanation from North Pier about this year's cancellations.  Click here.

August 2011:

30th - It's great to see that Ticketmaster are on the case and issuing everyone's ticket refunds in a timely fashion.  I was called twice, had 2 messages left and also an e-mail telling me that the shows had been cancelled and an refund issued already and so hopefully no one will be left wondering what is going on.  Anyone else who bought through Ticketmaster will hopefully have received the same today and if not today, as soon as they can get in touch with you.

Here is the full list of cancellations from The North Pier Theatre.

Here is the list of cancelled dates that Ticketmaster have given for the North Pier Shows.

Jake & Elwood - today until 25th October
Rock & Roll Paradise - 31st August until 26th October
The Grumbleweeds - 5th September until 24th October
Kings Of Comedy - 8th September until 27th October
Derek Acorah - 7th September until 28th October

Bobby and Tommy play their last show for now on the pier in 2 days time on Thursday 1st September.

-- Important Announcement! --

We are sorry to have to inform you that the upcoming shows at Blackpool's North Pier after this week have sadly had to be cancelled.

The Pier Theatre is closing for some urgent renovations and therefore, the shows are unable to carry on as planned for the rest of the season.

Bobby and Tommy are very sorry for any inconvenience that this causes to everyone who had bought tickets and made plans to travel to see them over the next two months.

I have checked out the refund policy on Ticketmaster and they do state that anyone who bought tickets with them for shows which they are informed about as being cancelled, should automatically be contacted and refunded.  If you haveany worries about this, I would suggest that you contact your ticket vendor and ask for advice.

Click here to see Ticketmaster's policy.

Apologies to everyone who may be disappointed. 

25th - Most newspapers, TV Shows and online magazines have wonderfully positive reviews about Mount Pleasant today, have a scout round the things that you read every day, I'm sure you will find plenty.  Lovely to see how much love there is out there for Bobby and original new comedy on out screens.

24th - Mount Pleasant aired for the first time tonight at 9pm and has, from watching over various places on the internet, gone down fantastically on the whole.  Lots of brilliant comments on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms and forums.  Well done cast, worth the wait by the looks of things!

22nd - Fantastic interview with Bobby and Tommy here from Show Me The Funny.  Interesting and insightful, have a watch, I'm sure you'll agree!  Click Here!

17th - Tommy & Bobby can be seen on This Morning, tomorrow morning, Thursday 18th August, tune in and see them from Blackpool.

9th - There are different opportunities this month to catch a glimpse of Tommy and Bobby on our screens.

Monday 22nd August sees Bob & Tom on a panel of judges in front of aspiring comedians on ITV 1's Show Me The Funny. This can be seen at 9pm on that date.

Quick Linky with details about the above show.

Show Me The Funny Home Page

Weds 24th August, rather than the previously given date of 21st, gives us our first taste of Bobby playing Sally Lindsay'sDad in Sky One's new comedy drama, Mount Pleasant.

This picture is from Sky's website, it follows the recent trailers which have been showing for Mount Pleasant.

The show promises to be fantastic with a star studded cast and funny and interesting storyline.  I think a lot of people willrelate to the show and recognise their own daily lives in parts of it.

Below are some links as a taster to the first episode coming up very soon.



About The Show   -  The Sun Previews Mount Pleasant  -  How Pleasant, Stars Have A Laugh In Church

Meet The Characters:  Lisa | Dan | Sue | Barry

Behind The Scenes


Let's hope there will be more opportunities to see both Bobby and Tommy on our TVs soon, nice to see them back wherethey belong, long may it continue!

July 2011:

28th -
We have today become aware that Bobby's Facebook profile page had been de-activated by Facebook and we are not sure why at the moment.  We must stress this, we, including Bobby, do NOT know what this action has been taken and so would appreciate it if no one speculated about this on Facebook.  Thank you.

We are doing everything we can to try to ask Facebook to look at this and right the situation but it is not straightforward and may take quite some time.  Can we ask you all to please be patient and hopefully, in time, we can work with Facebook to get this resolved and see Bobby back on there again before too long.

June 2011:

27th - Happy Birthday wished today to our very own Tommy.  Wishing you all the health, happiness and best wishes possible.  Have a wonderful day Tommy from everyone who visits xxx

15th - Bobby will be calling into our Wednesday night chat here on the website tonight at 8pm.  If you fancy a chat with the man himself, call by, log into the chat room with your name and we will all be happy to see you there.  Catch you later on hopefully.

12th - Thanks to everyone for their kind words and memory sharing about Boys in Blue, both here and over on Facebook and Twitter, your response has been amazing. Glad you enjoyed! Great for Bobby and Tommy to see.

9th - Thanks to a heads up from Andy Smith, I can let you all know a couple of days in advance that the fantastic Cannon and Ball classic Boys In Blue, can be seen on TV for the first time in a long time this weekend.  Check out ITV4 on Sunday 12th June at 12.20pm and re-live those memories.  Enjoy!

8th - There are only 5 days to go now to order your copy of The Cannon and Ball Show - Complete Second Series on DVD before its release on Monday 13th June.  Order your copy from Network DVD, Amazon, Play.Com or any other reputable online DVD store.

4th - I have this morning updated the upcoming shows page and now there is a full list of all of the dates which Bobby and Tommy will be playing this year.  They have a very busy time ahead.  Be sure to make it worth their while and get out there and support them through the Summer, then ease them through the Autumn into Panto in December, there's lots to see.

May 2011:

25th - I can now let you know as I have had it confirmed that the show that Bobby has been filming for the last few months, will be aired on the 21st August this year on Sky One.  Filming is coming to a close now and the trailers are starting to appear teasing us about what's to come.  Keep an eye out, they are on Sky Channels at various times throughout the day.

12th - You now have a chance to listen again to the interview that Bobby did with Dana last week, or if you didn't hear it on the night, you now have a chance to listen to it for the very first time.  Simply click this link and listen to Bobby talking to Dana - Listen Now

8th - Don't forget all that Bobby can be heard being interviewed by Dana tonight on Premier Christian Radio at 7pm.  This is part of Dana and Friends, you can hear chat and a couple of Bobby's songs from his gospel album, I'm Sticking With You.  Please click the link below, on the post from 5th May, to find the station and listen live.

7th - Regular visitors to the site will notice that we have had a name change recently.  This has been coming for a long time.  I have finally found enough time to actually make it happen.  As you know, this site was first created as a fan site to celebrate the work and achievements of Bobby and Tommy, therefore Rock On Bob n Tom was a fitting name as that's what I always wanted, Bob n Tom to Rock On!  In the last couple of years though I have wanted to be sure that as an official site, the name reflected that for any new visitors to the site.

Don't worry, all of the features still remain, the news will always be here as it happens, we will still have everything here that we have always had, all that's changed is the name.  Any additional external places online that we run alongside the site, such as the Rock On Bob n Tom Facebook Group and application all still remain.  Thanks for staying with us throughout every change we have ever had, we're happy to have you onboard.

5th - For anyone interested, you can hear an interview with Bobby on the radio, on Dana and Friends, this coming Sunday, 8th May, at 7pm.  Hear Bobby chatting and also hear a couple of his songs from his gospel CD, I'm Sticking With You.  A good chance to hear the songs if you don't own the CD.  This interview can be heard on Premier Christian Radio across the UK.  Click Here To Visit Premier Christian Radio.

April 2011:

29th - I have learned today that one of the dates this year at the Britannia Theatre in Great Yarmouth has fallen through.  I am not altogether sure of the reason for this but it has been confirmed now after much speculation that the date for the 26th July is no longer being offered.  Tommy and Bobby can however still be seen there on the 9th August.  Many apologies for any inconvenience caused.  It was expected that at some point the tickets would be available but this is no longer the case. 

21st - Tomorrow is Good Friday and the start to most people's Easter Weekend.  We would just like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and healthy Easter and however you celebrate it, we hope it's a relaxing and memorable time for you.

7th -
It is now known that our Bobby has been very busy this year as he has not only been filming for Mount Pleasant but also has filmed a pilot for another show written by the fabulous Caroline Aherne who was behind the brilliant Fattest Man In Britain.

The pilot is for a show called The Security Men and Bobby stars alongside other great actors such as Brendan O'Carroll, Paddy McGuinness and Dean Andrews.  What a fantastic cast!  You can see more details by clicking here.

March 2011:

26th - The first dates for the year have been added to the website today.  There are plenty on there and more yet to come once confirmed so keep an eye out on the Live Shows page for all new additions.

8th - Today we can announce that you will soon be able to see Bobby once more taking to our screens to entertain us as only he can.  He has continued his acting career by filming a brand new 8 part comedy series, Mount Pleasant, with lots of others you will recognise from our screens including Daniel Ryan, Sally Lindsay, Pauline Collins, Angela Griffin, Paula Wilcox, Liza Tarbuck, Sian Reeves, Adrian Bower and Neil Fitzmaurice . . . phew, what a cast!

Mount Pleasant

The show follows the daily life and loves of Lisa in Manchester, a 'normal' everyday woman in a 'real' everyday setting.  Lots for everyone to be able to relate to.  Bobby is portraying Lisa's Dad Barry. 

The show is scheduled to be shown on Sky One in the Autumn so we don't have so long to wait.

Bobby is having a great time making the show and is getting on with the cast like a house on fire.  Below is a link which will give you more insight into the show itself.
Click here to read about Mount Pleasant


3rd - Today sees the auction going ahead which holds the clapperboard Lot, including the Boys In Blue one.  Good luck to all who may have bid in the auction, here's hoping it finds a deserving new owner.

February 2011:

28th - The upcoming release of The Cannon and Ball Show - The complete second series - is now being offered for sale on more websites, I promised an updated list as they started advertising them so here goes:

Find DVD

27th - I was asked by Bobby last night to let everyone know about a special auction that is being held in the coming days which some of you may be interested in.  The auction is being held on Thursday 3rd March and one of the lots may be of interest to Cannon & Ball fans out there.

The lot in question contains the original clapperboards from the filming of many a well known production.  This particular lot contains eleven clapperboards and one of the ones in this particular lot was from the filming of Boys In Blue.  What a fantastic item to be able to own, an absolutely great original piece of C & B history.

I shall include the link to the auction site here so that you can see for yourselves and also place a bid for the auction if you wanted to try to get your hands on that piece of history.  The lot in question is Lot 169 and as mentioned, it takes place on Thursday 3rd March.  Good luck to anyone wanting to bid on the items, fingers crossed they go to a deserving home! 
Click here to see the Lot for yourself.

10th - Tonight is the night guys, Bobby pops up again in Not Going Out.  Hope you will all be tuning in!

9th - Amazon have now started advertising The Cannon and Ball Show - Series Two DVDs. 

Due for release on June 13th 2011.  Released again by the fantastic Network DVD, I am sure they will be as popular as the first series, thanks Network, keep them coming.

 The DVDs on Amazon are the first I have found advertising them for pre-sale so far, here is the link. I will post links from Network and other retails as they are available.

7th - Keep an eye out this week guys for BBC1's Not Going Out.  You may just spot someone you recognise making a surprise return appearance.  Bobby reappears starring as Lee's Dad again after the massive success of the last appearance on the show.  Not Going Out - BBC1 -  9.30 pm Thursday night.

It's 2011!

28th - HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Bobby today.  Wishing you a fantastic day from everyone who visits the website. 
All the best Bobster!

3rd - Well, another year is upon us guys, hope you all had a lovely Christmas and that this new year will bring you all good things.  We are looking forward to a year of great shows and happy times, hope to see you somewhere on the road along the way x

December 2010:

23rd - Only a couple of days to go to the big day now.  Tommy and Bobby would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and happy and peaceful New Year.  Enjoy the festive season guys!  See you all back here in 2011!

We all know what December brings don't we?
Oh yes we do!!!  Yeah, that's enough of that!  Haha!

The panto this year is in Lincoln again and we are doing Aladdin, get yourselves along to the Theatre Royal there sometime between mid December and mid January.  They always are very thankful of the support they get in panto each year, and appreciate that a lot of you travel a very long way to see them so thanks all, hope you enjoy it!

November 2010:

Bobby and Tommy are are finishing up their dates from October on Halloween in Rotherham and then moving straight on to the Laff Me A Laugh Tour with Bobby's sons, Rob and Darren, The Harper Brothers at various venues.  You can find the lads over at I hope you get to one of the shows as they all really enjoy working together and this comes across in every performance.

Afterwards there are a few more gospel shows to bring to you all over the UK.  They will be in Scotland and Northern Ireland very soon, hope you manage to pop along and say hello.

October 2010:

This month sees Tommy and Bobby taking on a variety of different things.  The year is flying by.  This month they are doing some Rock On Tommy, Festival of Comedy dates across the country as well as some more gospel dates.  Next is preparing to go out in November on a Laff Me A Laff tour with The Harper Brothers at various venues.

September 2010:

There are a lot of plans at the moment. Getting ready to go out doing the gospel shows and also rehearsing and getting ready for the Autumn tour dates, always something to be done!

August 2010:

23rd - Today is the big day.  At long last, The Cannon and Ball Series One DVDs are released to be purchased in a DVD retail outlets with any sense, lol.  Do yourself a favour and grab these items while you can, they are being sold at a fantastic price and who knows, if they sell well, we may well just end up with a full set of them.  Enjoy everyone  :-)

21st - Two years ago today, Rock On Bob n Tom was launched for everyone to see for the very first time.  Since that day we have been through many different looks and feels, have added and taken away many different features and tried to provide the most overall view of what Bobby and Tommy have been up to since.  We are happy that you are still with us and thank you all for your support.  Please stick with us and keep visiting, Together We'll Be OK!!  Haha, I know, it was meant to be corny!!  ;)

As a part of our 2 yr birthday celebrations, we have launched our new feature and we want YOU to take part in it.  Bobby and Tommy have kindly agreed to receive all of the most original questions that you guys can come up with and answer them on camera so that you can see the answers being given to the questions you thought up.

Let's make it challenging for them, try and come up with something out of the ordinary.  Think about all the interviews you have ever seen with Cannon and Ball and avoid all of the same old questions they have answered a million times, give them something to get their teeth into.  Come on guys, I know you can do it!  Once you have thought up your questions you can send it in via the contact form and use the heading Spotlight Questions from the drop down box.

18th - New dates added to the Live Shows page.  Check them out.

17th - Network DVD have released a clip from the forthcoming DVD as promised, look them up on Facebook and have a see the clip.

16th - Only a week to go guys until the DVD of The Cannon and Ball Show Series One is released onto DVD,  I hope you all have your orders in to be sure to get them for release date and enjoy them as soon as possible.  If not, order yours now from Network DVD.

4th - Bobby and Tommy popped up this morning in The Sun newspaper.  Have a peep here.

3rd - Bobby and Tommy are to be on Loose Women today on ITV1 at 12.30.  Hope you can catch them, I am sure it will be hilarious as it has been before when they have been gusts on the show.

Here is a link for anyone who may have missed today's earlier showing on Loose Women or for anyone who enjoyed it so much they would like to see it again.  Enjoy, but be quick, these links don't stay up forever.

July 2010:

28th - The first night of the Summer Season took place today at The Futurist Theatre in Scarborough.  The lads made a fantastic start as usual in the northern seaside town supported brilliantly by The Blues Brothers who supported them at times last year too.

The evening went well with the audience loving the new material as well as enjoying the bits they know, love and expect to see.  There was a new song which I am sure had everyone with tears in their eyes, listen out for it, it describes Bobby and Tommy's last 47 years together perfectly.

We have some photos of the first show to give you a taster of what you can expect to see when you go to your show.   Hope they whet your tastebuds and keep you excited about getting to your venue.  Click here.

8th - I was told this morning by Andy Tucker that are now advertising the Cannon and Ball Series One DVD and they can be ordered now, hopefully receiving them the day they are released.  The best thing is that they are selling it for £8.99 which is a fab price, £4 lower than the RRP.  To pre-order your copy now click here Thanks for that Andy :-)

7th - We had our first chat night back here on the main site last night.  It was a massive success, Bobby came in and had a good old chinwag with everyone and we all had a fantastic time.  Thanks Bobby, hope to catch you again in there soon. Our chats are every Wednesday at 8 and our forums are available for use at any time, please feel free to join us.

4th -
This afternoon has seen the sad end of our very own Cannon and Ball Fan Network. Due to pricing policies and other changes in the way the networks were run by the hosts, our network has been forced to close it's doors once and for all.  At 3.15 this afternoon, our network Rocked On into Cannon and Ball history.

Thanks to all of you guys who made that network what it was.  Without you all, it wouldn't have been the brilliant, warm and friendly place it became known as.  Every single one of you ensured that anyone joining up could be sure of being welcomed and treated well by whoever was there at the time.  Goodbye Rock On Bob n Tom, Fan Network, hello once  again to all of our contact being carried on here on the main website. 

Check out the links in the main menu to visit our new chatroom and our forums where we can carry on where we left off.  Hope to see you all about the place.

June 2010:

27th - Wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tommy today on his 72nd birthday.  Have the best day Tommy, lots of love from your friends and fans everywhere. x x x

20th - Our most recent newsletter went out this evening.  I hope it was informative for anyone who doesn't use all of the online communications as some of us do.  I must apologise for a mistake in the section explaining about our Fan Network closing down.  Somehow, after looking at it for the amount of time it took to build, I missed out a space between the words 'chatting' and 'as', when spacing out the final copy.  Let's just say, I create my own words as I go along, lol.  If you are not currently signed up to the Newsletter Mailing List, you can do so here and you will then be included on the next mail out.

15th -
Just a reminder folks that our Fan Network will be closing down very soon so please feel free to start using the forum and the chat room on this site as soon as you like to ensure you are comfortable with where everything is before the network closes for good.  Just click the links in the menu above.

11th - Exciting News Guys!!

The time we have waited for has actually arrived.

The Cannon and Ball Show Series One DVD

Network DVD will be releasing Series One of The Cannon and Ball Show, full and uncut on the 23rd August this year!

It will cost £12.99 and hopefully if every person who has asked for this actually buys it and shows how much we want them, they will consider releasing further series’ at a later date.

Thanks to everyone who has shown support for this, I hope that you will all enjoy it once it becomes available.  Nice to have fantastic news such as this to share with you.  Thank you Network DVD, you have made a lot of people happy today.

9th - Over the last month or so, we have been aware that the company where we host our fan network has changed all of their policies on the types of accounts which they will host,  This has meant that our network could not longer be hosted with them and some changes had to be made.

From today I am letting loose on this site our new chatroom and forum section.  We can still have our weekly chats and still have discussions about what's going on, they will simply be back over at this site rather than on the network, just like when this site first came into existence.

I will send out plenty of messages from the network to let everyone know where we are and so when the network does close down, we should all be happy in the fact that we all know where we will be if needed.  If by any chance you come across anyone who doesn't get the messages, I am sure that you will all help point them in the right direction.

I am also adding a new calendar to the site.  This will hold all of the C & B live dates but will come in more handy for those appearances they do which we can't really include in the Live Shows age such as TV appearances and extra bits like that.  If I do get to know of any extras I will add them in as soon as I know.

I hope you will enjoy these changes and still find everything as easy to use as before.

Some small notes about the changes:

* The chat room is java enabled and this means to enter the chat and have everything show up and work as needed, the java on your computer needs to be up to date.  If you go onto the chat page and you can't see anything, this will mean that you have to install some up to date Java.  There is a link to the page where you can do this, at the top of the chat page within the text.

* Our forum. I have built a brand new forum into the website.  All clean and sparkly new, waiting for all you good folks to go in and start talking to each other.  For this, you will have to create your own forum account.  This is really easy, just answer the question you will be asked and then it will send your submission to be accepted.  Once that's done, you will just use the details you gave to get in and use the forum whenever you want to.

I will leave the chatroom without any login procedure for the moment, new users will find this easier when they first find us but if we get many troublemakers I may have to think again and try some password protection or login measures to see if that may deter the problem.

2nd - Today there have been quite a goof number of new dates added to the Live Shows page, check here to see if there are new dates near you.

May 2010:

26th - Late this afternoon tickets have finally gone on sale for one of the Blackpool shows for this Summer.  The date available to buy tickets for is for the 10th August at the Opera House.  There is another one due for the 25th August as well but at the moment, the only one with seats available to but is the 10th.  Go here to buy yours :)

Tickets are available through Ticketmaster and if you are going to do your own search on there for them, search for Rock With Laughter as it doesn't find it under Cannon and Ball alone.

When I hear the second date is available, I will update here.

April 2010:

2nd - Just wanting to wish everybody a very happy and peaceful Easter.  Here's wishing that everyone gets to spend a restful time with their loved ones, no matter what type of plans you have for the weekend.  Have fun all.

March 2010:

25th -
Some show dates have been altered since they were first released and the amended dates can now be found on the Live Shows page.  There are more to come, I will announce here when they are added to the date sheet, thanks for your patience.  I know a lot of people are having trouble booking with theatres not yet selling the tickets but please be patient and keep trying, Bobby and Tommy will be happy to see you when the time rolls around.

22nd - Link here to the newspaper report on how Bobby and Tommy were involved in Sports Relief and how they gave their time to help.  Just like to say, Well Done to Tommy, running 3 miles in 25 minutes, a feat many of us would not manage, good on ya!

1st - Bobby had a nice surprise today when Philip Schofield validated his Twitter account and gave him a mention on Twitter itself letting his many thousands of followers know that Bobby's account was real and there waiting to be discovered.

Bobby's followers, within hours rose from a humble 270 to thousands.  It's fantastic to see so many people of all different ages following Bobby and tweeting messages of support for him.  Thank you to all who have followed so far and if you don't yet Twitter or do but haven't follow Bobby yet, his user name is @TheBobbyBall and his URL is

February 2010:

28th - A new Twibbon has been created today for anyone who uses Twitter who would like to add the image to their avatar on there to show support to Bobby and Tommy for all the years they have been entertaining us.

  Simply click on the link here on the left to be taken to have your Twibbon added to your Twitter Display Picture.

All you will have to do is verify your Twitter account with your user name and password so that the image can be added and you too can sport those famous braces.  Rock On!

27th - Catch Bobby and Yvonne on All Star Mr & Mrs on ITV1 at 8.45pm.

24th - Be sure to tune into Loose Women today at 12.30pm on ITV1.

23rd - Tommy and Bobby can be heard on Act You Age on Radio 4 at 6.30pm, said to be a really funny show, hope you can join them.

18th - A new Facebook Group was launched today for anyone to join who has ever wanted or asked about The Cannon and Ball Show being released onto DVD.

View or join here - Yes!  I would buy The Cannon and Ball Show on DVD!

We know that these shows were hugely popular and the number of requests about them that come in through this website is huge and so to demonstrate these numbers to any of the production companies who may be interested to see how well these would sell if they were produced, let's get as many people signed up to this group as possible and who knows, maybe one day we will get what we have all wanted for so long.

Just like buses, you wait for one and then more come along at the same time, lol.  Another group has been created on FB to ask for the old Cannon and Ball Shows to be repeated on TV now.  They repeat everything else, why not something decent for a change, lol. Join here.

15th - Bobby can be seen appearing on The Alan Titchmarsh Show this evening at 5pm on ITV1.  Let's wish him luck and support him as usual guys!

The catch up online version of The Alan Titchmarsh Show can be seen here for anyone who may have missed it at 5!

10th - The first of this year's live show dates can be seen now on the Upcoming Shows page.  More will be added as and when they are confirmed, keep checking back for updates.

5th - Bobby can be seen tonight on The One Show on BBC1 at 7pm.  Would be nice for as many of us as possible to watch and support him.  Good luck Bobby x

Update - The show went well, Bobby was great on it, looked to really enjoy himself, if anyone missed it who would have  liked to see it or would simply like to watch again, please watch it online by clicking here.

January 2010:

29th - The items created for Bobby's birthday have now been taken down from the Home Page which has been restored to normality.  If however, you would still like to see the items, you can see the picture here.  Thanks.

28th - Today is Bobby's 66th Birthday. I am sure that everyone will join me in wishing him a very happy day,  I know that he is very appreciative of all the messages left for him on the websites, network and Facebook and would wish for his thanks to be given here for anyone reading now.  Have a fab day Bob, lots of love from all of your fans and friends everywhere x

December 2009:

31st - The end of another year approaches swiftly.  We hope that the year has been a good one and that you will have enjoyed the time you have spent with us here.  We appreciate your company and thank you for supporting us here this last year.  We'd like to wish you a very Happy Ney Year and hope that we can continue the same relationship throughout the coming twelve months too.  Have a fab 2010.

Our new look website is going up tonight, I hope that you will enjoy looking around it, it has been streamlined somewhat to make it easier for you to navigate since we seem to be growing all the time.  If you notice anything that is missing that you would like to see return, please let me know and we will see what we can do  :)

24th - I would just like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas from Rock on Bob n Tom and Bobby and Tommy themselves.  May you enjoy a peaceful festive season and enjoy the time of year.

10th - Tonight has seen the launch of Bobby's own personal website.  This will run alongside Rock On Bob n Tom and will include any and all info on Bobby's latest happenings.  You can check it our by visiting

8th - Just a couple of quick updates to note folks.
It is almost time for Bobby and Tommy to dust of their costumes and practice their thigh slapping.  They have been in rehearsals and have reported all going well and will be raring to go when the panto opens in Lincoln this Saturday.  They are appearing at the Theatre Royal in Jack and the Beanstalk and if you haven't gotten your ticket yet, please do so, it will be fab as usual.

Don't forget that you can see Bob in The Fattest Man In Britain on 20th Dec on ITV and we have also been told that Bobby will be appearing on This Morning on Monday 14th December to discuss this show.

We have reports that Bobby's appearance in the BBC sitcom, Not Going Out, can be seen on the 23rd December on BBC1 at 10.45pm.  I have not had official confirmation of this but it has been seen in TV Listings mags now over again so I a  assuming this is correct.  If anything changes I will post the changes here.

2nd - Welcome to December everyone.  The new look Christmas site was uploaded today, we hope that you like it and please be sure to view the message from Bobby and Tommy on the home page, they took time out from their rehearsals  last month to record it for you all so we hope you enjoy it.

Remember that it is now less than 2 weeks until the panto starts in Lincoln.  If you don't have your tickets yet, please check here to find out how to book yours now.

Bobby heard today that the ITV drama that he is starring in this Christmas, The Fattest Man In Britain, is to be screened on ITV 1 at 9pm on Sunday 20th December.  Please be sure to watch and give Bobby all the support we can.  It's going to be fab  :-)

November 2009:

15th - I spent a little time with Bobby and Tommy today and am glad to report that both are doing well.  they both looked really well and were in high spirits.  They are looking forward to getting started with the panto and will be turning the Christmas Light on in Lincoln this coming Thursday.  A special message was recorded and will be appearing on the website very soon.

I also took some still photos of them along with Robert and Darren, The Harper Brothers both backstage and throughout the show, they too will be available for you to see on the website shortly.

13th -
In the local news today that Cannon and Ball are to switch on Lincoln's Christmas Lights next week, Thursday 19th November.  7pm in the High Street.  See details here.

October 2009:

22nd - A few changes have been implemented on the site tonight.  Our regular chat room and message board has been replaced with links to our social network.  This has happened for a number of reasons, the main one being that running the network alongside the site meant that we had three chat rooms and two message boards as well as the discussion forums and actual groups included within the network.  This could have been very confusing to anyone visiting the site for the first time who wasn't sure how or where was the best place to post messages.

When you want to post messages or join in our chat, simply click one of the links which will take you to the network itself.  If it is your first time you will have to register there but once that is done you have a page of your own to customise as you wish and can then post in any of the groups, the forum, join in a chat or leave comments for other fans.  Here's to getting to know you all a little better, thanks.  :-)

8th - Today we got a promotion!
Today, Bobby asked whether Rock On Bob n Tom would like to carry on the work of Cannon and Ball online as the official Cannon and Ball website. Of course, it is an honour to be asked this and so accepted.  You will therefore notice some slight changes to the site over the next few weeks and after Christmas will see a full new design for the whole site. I hope you continue to enjoy the site and find the information you need here. Thanks for giving the site the opportunity to grow Bobby.  Andrea x

September 2009:

28th - Bobby has tonight asked me to spread the word that Cannon and Ball are to be involved in a huge charity Rock n Roll night on Thursday 15th October.  There are many great acts involved, Johnnie Casson, The Blues Brothers and The Rev. Jimmie Bratcher all helping to make the night special whilst raising cash for Vietnamese Orphans.

There will be lots of fun money raising events on the night as well as the many acts involved so a great night should be had by all.  The evening will take place at Vogue nightclub in St. Annes and you can find out more details about obtaining tickets (£10.00 each) by calling 01253 788200. Click here to view poster.

18th - Rock On Bob n Tom is happy to announce the addition of another online facility for all you Cannon and Ball fans out there.  We now have a social network of our very own!

We are launching this for all to join and use now that Bobby has given it the once over and gotten used to it and he as well as me, will be waiting to welcome you to the network and to build up our own little community.

For anyone not sure what this is, it is a social facility which works more or less the same way as Facebook does. You can sign up and once a member you will see a main page which rounds up all recent activity but you also get your own page which you can customise and do basically whatever you want with.  You add friends and interact with them just as you would on Facebook or Myspace but this is more centred around Cannon and Ball and everyone there will have that in common to talk about.

Please join us there, we would be happy to have you with us.  Click here to visit our network now!  :)

August 2009

24th - I have today rehashed the Social Networking page of this site. I have added a widget to display the latest posts from Bobby's Facebook Fan Page, you can easily keep up with any news from there and can become a fan of the page from the widget itself, take a look.  Click here

3rd - Cannon and Ball started the Summer Season today at The Futurist Theatre in Scarborough. Was a great night.  The show went well.  They were supported by Peter Piper who went down fantastically with the audience.  They were all well and truly warmed up and ready for the lads when they came on stage.

The audience loved every second.  We all got a bit of a ribbing like always, this didn't end with us though, Bobby took quite a bit from Tommy for the fact that he had to go on stage wearing trainers as he had packed two right hush puppies rather than a pair when he packed up his stage gear, lol.

As well as a great night's comedy, we were treated to them singing Together, Wind Beneath My Wings and Me and My Shadow!  I was majorly surprised at them singing this, I have always loved it from the 'A Night Out In London With Cannon & Ball' show.  Was so happy to be sat in front of them doing it live.  It was the first time in many, many years they had performed it on stage and I for one, would like to tell them that it was worth it, I loved it and it went down greatly with the rest of the crowd as well.

A brilliant night was had by all. The audience all went home more than happy and I hope that Tommy and Bobby enjoyed the first night of many successes on this year's series of shows.

1st - Hi everyone.  Just a quick note to remind you that Cannon and Ball's Summer Season starts this week with the Still Rockin' On shows starting on Monday in Scarborough and the Best Of British Variety Tour starting on Thursday in Skegness. 

I'd like to wish Bobby and Tommy all the luck in the world with the shows, hope all run smoothly and that you have loads of fun!  Knock 'em dead lads! x

July 2009

16th - Hello all.  We have heard today form Tony Denton Promotions that the Best of British Variety Tour 2008 DVD is now ready and will be available form the first week in August to coincide with the start of the new tour as mentioned here in May.

Anyone who pre-registered their interest in purchasing one of the DVDs and reserved one for themselves as was outlined here last November can now pay for their disc and have it sent out at the time of release.

All you need to now do is send a cheque for £15.99 to:

Tony Denton Promotions
19 South Molton Lane

I hope that information will help you to receive your copy as soon as they are available.

10th - We are today sending our love to Yvonne, Bobby's wife who has not been very well recently and has been admitted to hospital at this time.  Get well soon Yvonne, lots of love from myself and everyone who visits Rock On Bob n Tom x x x

7th -
There are a couple of new wallpapers up in the downloads section today.  Also please note that there are a fewalterations to be made in the Live Shows section.  There are a couple of July shows which have had to have the dates re-arranged.  When I get confirmation of which these are from Bobby, I will update the list accordingly. 

June 2009

27th - HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tommy!  Wishing you all the best on your big day from Rock On Bob n Tom and from all of your fans everywhere x x x

15th - Tonight sees Bobby and Tommy visiting Goole Gofar to host their charity fundraising event "An Evening With Cannon and Ball".  This has all been arranged and set up by Andy Smith who works at Goole Gofar and is hoping that the evening goes well and raises lots of money for the charity.   I hope to be able to put an account of the evening on the site when Andy sees the evening through to it's successful end and manages to get over the months of hard work and effort of bringing everything together.  He deserves a bit of time to get his breath back, lol.

4th - After a lot of faffing about this morning, we finally managed to get Bobby's e-mail account up and running again this afternoon.  Once that was sorted, we built him a new Facebook profile and the man was back online.   Hoping now that all is well and Bobby can get back to his normal online activities.  :)

2nd - Just a quick note. Please don't send any e-mails to Bobby until we let you know that his account in under his control again. Anything sent before that time will not be received by Bobby and we want to be sure that your messages are safe :)  I will let everyone know as soon as we are sure that his accounts are secure again.  Thanks.

1st - Hi Everyone.  A quick note.  Bobby's e-mail and Facebook accounts have been hijacked today and scam e-mails have been sent out from his email address.  If you receive one of these stating that he is in Africa, has lost all of his belongings and is asking for money to get himself sorted, please IGNORE IT!

We are working very hard to make sure that all of Bobby's online services are safe and trying to get his e-mail and Facebook back online so that he can carry on keeping in contact with everyone out there.  It may take a day or two to get everything back in order but please hang on in there, we will let everyone know when the problems are sorted.  Thanks very much.

May 2009

29th - Just so that everyone knows, we are still being visited in the chatroom occasionally by someone signing in under the name of Bobby who keeps leaving messages.  Please be aware that this person is not Bobby Ball and is just trying to dupe people who don't know any better into believing that is it him.  Beware everyone, if Bobby does decide to come in again soon, I will confirm that it is him at the time.

22nd - Just a quick note to anyone who may have registered their interest in the DVD of last year's Variety Tour.  I spoke to Bennie  He said that he can't give us a definite date at the moment as things are hectic with the preparations for the new tours but he has seen the edited product and that it's great.  It should be ready to go by the time this year's tour starts.  He said he's let me know when he knows anything more definite so if I hear of a date and details about how to buy it, I will pass them on through here.  Hope that helps.  Sounds like it will be worth the wait.  :)

21st - There are still seats left for the charity fundraiser - An Evening With Cannon and Ball in aid of Goole Gofar in June.  If you are interested call the number on the poster and a very nice man named Andy will be able to sort that out for you and give you any information that you may require.

         - You can now grab yourself a Cannon and Ball wallpaper for your pc, just visit the downloads page and browse the
images, hope you enjoy them.

20th - News today that Bobby will be in chat tomorrow night on the official site at 8pm, will be good to see everyone there :)  Please ensure you register on the site before time to make sure you get in.

9th - Today the site has launched it's new MERCHANDISE PAGE.  Here you can find OFFICIAL Cannon & Ball and Bobby Ball merchandise.  Keep checking back for any new items available in the future.

8th - Have made alterations to a lot of the pages in the site to help make it run smoother and look a bit different, bit of spring clean.  Hope you like the new home page layout.

7th - New dates added to the site, the lads are going to be busy this Summer, lol.

April 2009

15th - New dates added to Live Shows page and details of An Evening With Cannon and Ball, a charity fundraiser in Goole in aid of Goole Gofar, are now displayed on our Home page.

2nd - There are a couple of new dates in April added into the Live Shows page.

1st - I have done a lot of work behind the scenes on the site today.  You won't be able to see a lot of it but hopefully it will  help the smooth running of the site and make your viewing experience a smooth one. 

March 2009

29th - New page added.  Visit the Little Heroes page to read about Bobby and Tommy meeting Reece, the little boy behind the charity for which Tom and Bob have recently become patrons.  A moving moment.

28th - Cannon and Ball played "For One Night Only".  A charity fundraiser show in Halifax, West Yorkshire.  They headlined a show starring many different kinds of variety acts.  They performed a fab selection of their material including the invisible table tennis routine and ended by singing Wind Beneath My Wings.  The show itself ended with the whole cast of the show singing, You've Got A Friend.

20th - Sorry folks.  Bad news again on the NOT GOING OUT front.  The date has been moved again.  It has now been  decided that it will be shown at Christmas as a Special.  A bit of a wait but on the other hand, it's something to look forward  to!  Sorry to everyone who has been looking forward to it.

Also 20th - More new clips added to the media section.

18th - Cannon and Ball on Richard & Judy, tonight at 6!

17th - Bobby and Tommy are recording the Richard & Judy Show in London today, will be shown tomorrow, 6pm, on cable channel Watch.

16th & 17th - More new clips added, visit the media page to see them.

15th - A number of new video clips have been added to the media section, hope you enjoy them.

14th - News today that due to Red Nose Day being broadcast on BBC1,  the episode of NOT GOING OUT starring our Bobby has been knocked back a week and will now be shown on Friday 27th March.  I hope that you all will still tune in and show Bob your support.

10th - Starting a bit of a countdown now that the time is getting closer. You can catch Bobby in BBC Comedy *Not Going Out* with Lee Mack, a week on Friday on the 20th March.  I will post reminders throughout next week on Facebook but remember to check it out, 9.30pm, Fri 20th March!

7th - Cannon and Ball BOTH have now agreed to be patrons of a very worthwhile cause.
Little Heroes Cancer Trust helps children with cancer and their families.  You can check out who they are, what they do and what they are all about here.  You can also show your support by joining their Facebook group to keep up with everything that they are doing and spreading the word and encouraging your friends to join too - here.

6th - Cannon and Ball on GMTV this morning after 8.30!

Great interview, good banter between the lads and all very funny.  Big surprise, our own Natalie was shown in a clip of the lads performing.  Fame at last Nat, good on ya, you deserve it!  Loved how Bob explained at the end who was Bob and who was Tom tot he female presenter, hilarious!  :D

Interview added to the media page.

The lads have also appeared on TalkSport Radio and ITV News London.  I am tired keeping up with them today so Lord knows how they are feeling doing it all!

They have also appeared on ITV London News and the interview from that can also be seen on the media page.

2nd - I heard back from Bobby who said that he loved the account of the Tribute Night and found it very emotional to read, I hope that you will like it as much as he does.Bobby also said to go ahead with the newest feature which is now published to the site today. Our Music Player for the moment contains three songs from Cannon and Ball and three of Bobby's songs from his album "Sticking With You".  I hope that you enjoy listening to them.  Try it out from here.

1st - Have added an account of the Tribute Night held for Cannon and Ball at the Reebok Stadium. It is a personal account and as much as I can remember of the events of that night to help anyone who may not have been able to attend to get an idea of what the night was all about.  have also worked on something else and sent it to Bobby for his approval before publishing to the site.  Visit the Tribute Night page.

February 2009

28th - First chance I have had since returning home to do anything with the piccies from Bolton.  Have put some onto Facebook and have edited some to use on the new page that I have just built to remember the Tribute Night.  I hope that it will create a little bit of the atmosphere that we felt for anyone who wasn't able to attend on Thursday night.  I have tried to include a decent account of the night, I will look at it again in a few days to see if there is anything else I can add but what is there now has just take about 5 hours to put together so I will look at it with fresh eyes again soon.  Hope you like it.  Click here to be taken to the page.

26th - It's almost half past eleven now.  Will be setting off in the next hour to check into the hotel at the Reebok Stadium for the Tribute Night held in honour of Cannon and Ball.

The event starts at half past seven tonight and we will then see tribute being paid to Tom and Bob by many different people for the many years of laughter they have given to us and also in honour their never ending fund raising efforts.  Should be a cracking night, will post all about it when I get back x

22nd - More extra dates added, thanks Janie x

21st - Due to Bobby's popularity and instant access on Facebook, it seems that not so many people are wanting to visit the websites and read up on Bob and Tom or find out what is happening as it is much quicker to get to talk to Bobby on there.

This also means that with the numbers dropping, I have had to stop work on a couple of the features, one of these being the weekly poll.  It just simply doesn't make sense to put all of the time and effort needed to create these things and build the pages every week for one or two people to bother voting.  I apologise to anyone that has voted before but the results of some of our recent polls are still there to view and for the foreseeable future, there will be no new polls added to the site.

21st also - Bobby today reached the maximum number of friends allowed per profile on Facebook.  He has reached 5,000 friends in the few months that his account has been back online,  Well done Bob, must feel great to be so loved by the general public.

To enable people to keep on being in contact with Bobby, a fan page has been opened on there where people can become a fan of Bobby and leave messages for him on the wall, discuss different topics, watch videos, and add photos.  Bobby will use the page as he does his own profile and will still talk to people on there, it just saves him from having to build and run another profile.  He spends a vast amount of time on there trying to reply to everyone who messages him, to keep up with two would be impossible with the amount of requests that he receives in one day.  I hope everyone understand  that and is happy with using the fan page and will continue to do so to make it as popular as his profile, thank you.

Extra dates added to the Live Shows page - Thanks Janie.

January 2009

29th - The submission form for ASK BOBBY has now been removed, I will collect together all questions submitted and get them to Bobby tomorrow.  Results will be published on Sat 14th Feb!

25th - I apologise folks but I have had to remove all of the shoutboxes, including everyone's comments from all of the media, video pages.  Due to the disgusting spamming of certain individuals, I could not leave the boxes on and risk links to undesirable places being left for unsuspecting viewers to click on.  I want this site to remain safe for all to visit at any time.  I loved the interaction that those boxes brought to the site but I would rather this stay a safe place to view.  Sorry once again and thanks to all who contributed to them x

Hello everyone and a Happy New Year to all. I will add the new live dates once they are announced. Janie is going to put them onto the official site shortly and once I know what they are, I will add them here too.

12th - Hello all.  As you will already know, after speaking with Paul who is organising the tribute night, we recently found out that we will not be able to take a camcorder to record parts of it for our memories as we had wished to.  Everyone has been wondering about stills cameras and to be sure we all know what we can or can't do on the night, I have e-mailed Paul again and today got the reply shown below;

Hello Andrea
I am sure if you wished to take a photograph obviously with the permission of the person you are taking there shouldn’t be a problem, provided photographs are not taken while speeches are being made.

So, as long as we don't go around snapping at anything and everything, we should be ok, good news!

Also 12th - New dates for 2009 on the live shows page.

9th - Hi all, Just a quickie to say that Bob will be in chat on the official site tonight around 8ish.  See you there.

7th - New panto review added.

3rd - Come on guys, Not long now until the questions from the Q & A go off to Bob, let's give him plenty to work with, get your questions in now.

December 2008

16th - New Christmassy song added to media page.

11th - Our newest feature was launched today.  ASK BOBBY! Bobby has agreed to take part in a Question and Answer Session on the site.  If you would like to ask Bobby anything visit the Ask Bobby page now and follow the instructions to submit your questions.

Also 11th - New media has been added to the media page.

9th - Just a quick note to let everyone know that Bobby will be in chat in the chat room on the official site tomorrow night, Wednesday 10th December at around 8.30pm.  If you are wanting to join us all on there make sure you register way in advance, it sometimes takes a while for your applications to be accepted depending on how busy the administrators are.  Sorry I can't let you know any further in advance but I have just found out myself about three minutes ago.

7th - New feature added to the site.  A quick quiz for you to take to test your Cannon and Ball knowledge, go on, give it a go, see how you get on.  Find it here.

2nd - Another Best of British Variety 2009 date for you.  To see the show at Prices Theatre, Clacton, on 14th August visit here.  When I get a few more of these confirmed I will put them all on the Live Shows page.

November 2008

27th - A new video clip added in the tribute section on the media page.

Also 26th - J has been doing his bit for the site today, thanks J, lol. He was wondering why we haven't heard anything about the Best of British Variety Tour DVD that was supposed to be out in October.  I hadn't heard anything and could find nothing about it online so J e-mailed the production company to ask what was happening with it.

He was told in return that the DVD has had to be delayed due to delays in production and now won't be available until February or March.  If you are interested in buying a copy of that DVD when it is released you can reserve a copy direct from the production company.

If you want to do this, please send your name, address and phone number in an e-mail explaining what you want to do to info@tonydentonpromotions  and a copy will be reserved for you.

26th - Thanks to Natalie and J we do now know of one of next year's live dates already being advertised online, This is one of the new Best of British Varity Tour Shows.  Cannon and Ball will once again be headlining but I don't have any other dates so far confirmed except for Newcastle City Hall on Friday October 9th!  I will put it on the live shows page when we have a few more confirmed so it doesn't look lonely up there all on its own for next year.

The new line up for the tour is as follows: Cannon and Ball, Tom O'Connor, Ray Alan and Lord Charles, Bucks Fizz, Norman Collier and Faith Brown.

If I find out any more dates or details I will post them here.

19th - I have today changed all the navigation on the site to free up some room and have added a new clip to the media  section, I love this clip so much, take a look, I hope you love it just as much.

Late at night again, I need to move from this chair now and again, lol.  I have just created 6 new additions to the Rock On With Cannon and Ball Facebook Application, they are festive ones, will do some more as soon as I get a bit of free time but there is just none of that around lately.  Hope you enjoy the app!

More 18th - Bobby has today launched himself back onto Facebook. Next time you are on there, have a look around for him and add him to your friends list, he will be happy to see you.

18th - Great news for everyone attending the tribute evening.
I know that the biggest worry for everyone attending has been the dress code.  :-/ We have all speculated for a long time and no one has really known what is expected and what to do about preparing for the event in advance.  To put some minds at rest, I have today spoken with a lovely lady from the Variety Club called Lyn who will make you all really happy I know with what she had to say . .
"Please rest assured that the evening is NOT black tie or Ball gown. Gentlemen can wear suits or a nice shirt and jacket, and ladies wear smart dress for example if going to a nice restaurant. We would be delighted to see you and your friends as we know this promises to be a fantastic event."
I know that this will bring a smile to all of your faces and now we don't have to wonder about it any longer, we know and can plan what to do without worrying that we will turn up and either be completely over or under dressed, and hopefully won't embarrass Tom and Bob too much, lol :)  Thanks Lyn

17th - Posting this mappy thing, lol, for anyone who has taken up the hotel deal I posted here yesterday.
Just so you know what is so close by in case you don't choose to pay for meals in the hotel or fancy doing a spot of shopping or simply need to kill some time.  There's so much there, I can't believe it. Check out this link to see what there is and how close it all is to the hotel.

16th - Anyone still wanting to find somewhere to stay over for the Tribute Night in Bolton?  Check this out.
Sale on at the hotel actually at The Reebok Stadium, no trailing about from place to place, go straight round to the event and then be able to fall straight into bed afterwards, no taxis or extra expense to lay out, they have some excellent deals on.  Check out the link which you can find here.  Thanks J x x x

15th - Natalie found some details online today about the Tribute/Award Night in February online today.  Ha details of times and some of the confirmed guests.  Check it out on the message board here.  Thanks Nat!

14th - Found news of another live gig online today.  By the looks of this it was just posted this morning.  A Big Knight out in Preston at the Guild Hall.  A variety show in honour of Sir Tom Finney.  Find details here

Also, I came across a page asking people to vote for their favourite double glazing adverts of all time.  I haven't a clue why, I don't know what the site is all about really, I thought from the title on the page that it might be someone who was against the double glazing industry for some reason and thought twice about posting the link but on the homepage it just says it's a double glazing blog, nothing like I thought.  So they want to know what your favourite ad is and there are Cannon and Ball's Safestyle ones are on there, if anyone wants to hop over and vote for them you can do so here.

8th/9th - New Myspace pages and Facebook group have been created and set live to run alongside this website.
Please join us, become a friend and keep in touch with what's going on even if you don't get to visit the site often.
Facebook -
Myspace -

6th - I have just added a new Gallery to the Galleries Page. Now, as well as The Cannon and Ball Gallery and The Fans Gallery there is also a Gallery for Fans' Artwork and Tributes.  Send in your creations and let everyone see how you have paid tribute to Bobby and Tommy.

5th - Bob and myself were chatting away two days ago and he got me to watch some videos that he had been watching earlier.  He had been laughing a lot and it brought back memories from his time in America when he and Tommy first went there.  I have added some info on the people who have been making Bob smile here.

October 2008

20th to 25th - The site has been brought to a standstill this week as we hit some hosting problems.  For some reason some features stopped working, I couldn't upload/publish anything and some information went missing.  It just became active again in the last half an hour.  I have noticed in this short time of being live again that some of the navigation buttons keep showing up with the wrong labels.  I have checked that all is well at my end and republished.  This I have just done twice.  If you notice anything missing or anything odd happening, please let me know so that I can try to ensure that all is running well and as stable as before this happened.

19th - Our new message boards launched today.  Call in and have a look around, will be nice to hear from you.

11th - Just wanted to say that it was good to see you back online tonight Bob, hope you are feeling a bit better.  Take care and get back to your old self soon, will be good to see you back x

6th - New Facebook Application created to enable all you Cannon and Ball loving Facebook users the opportunity to send little Cannon and Balls to all of your Facebook Friends.   Catch up on how to use this application on the home page of this site, send a few out today!

September 2008

30th - New dates added to the Live Shows page, thanks Nat and Janie.

21st - May not be major Cannon and Ball news but J and I spent the day in Scarborough today and saw something very familiar.  It's ok, she wasn't dead but she was still selling cockles and mussels!   Click the thumbnail to see the larger picture!

  I know it's sad but it had to be done surely? 

17th - Excellent News!  Cannon and Ball to be honoured with award.
On February 26th 2009 at the Reebok Stadium, Cannon and Ball will be honoured with an award from The Variety Club of Great Britain.   The award comes as a thank you for their fundraising efforts over the years, their tireless fundraising has helped buy equipment needed to make children's lives better over the years. The evening will include various stars paying tribute including their good friend Frank Carson.
Please click here for more details.

15th - New media added including the famous trumpet sketch.

11th - A couple of new features added to the site.  Firstly there was a fan gallery added to the gallery page.  There you can see pictures of Bobby and Tommy with lots of their fans.  If you would like to send one in to be featured in the gallery send them in to  The next new feature is a chat room for all of us to get together and have a good old natter or just leave messages to be read by the next person into the room.  Might turn out to be a useful little tool.  Be aware though that all messages can be seen in the chat box still after a chat has taken place so please be nice and make this a happy place to visit.

9th - Went to see the Best of British Variety Tour tonight.
Met with Bob and Tom backstage before the show.  They were fab.  Both lovely blokes, made us very welcome and Bob told everyone in the room, (The Krankies, Brotherhood of Man and others) about this site and seemed really happy.  I gave both Bob and Tom a record of how the site looks at the moment and they can now keep that until such a time that this site may have changed or grown and they can look back at when it began and what changes have taken place.  They can also see how many of their fans have left messages for them and how much everyone is still enjoying getting out there and seeing their act and proving that they still are the number one comedy act touring today.   The show itself was brilliant.  All of the acts did what they do best and just made the audience roar with laughter all night long.  Brotherhood of Man had me singing my head off, although looking around me I was the only one singing out loud, lol, oops!!  I enjoyed myself, I don't care! Haha! Frank Carson was as funny as ever.  The Krankies were hilarious, not what I imagined at all.  Jimmy Cricket was way better than I thought he would be and Paul Daniels used the audience members well to the amusement of the rest of
the crowd. The highlight of the night of course though was Cannon and Ball and the great thing was that all of the material they did wa some of my favourite bits.  My daughter who was seeing them live for the first time ever was crying with laughter.  Molly Malone is her favourite and that was performed, she now cannot wait for them to tour again to go and see one of their own shows. The night finished with them singing Wind Beneath My Wings and how can it get better than that?  A great night all round, Look forward to the next one!

6th - Media links reorganised for ease of use and more clips added including Time Of My Life

3rd - New clips added and new media links added.

2nd - New video clips added

August 2008

31st - Cannon and Ball to star in Last Of The Summer Wine.  7.05pm.  BBC1. 

29th - New banner added to links page for use on other sites to link, advertise or affiliate.

27th - New media links added.

21st - Rock On Bob n Tom created, built and released for the viewing pleasure of Cannon and Ball fans everywhere.

19th - Cannon and Ball to star on Richard and Judy tonight 5pm! - - - Cancelled!

7th - Idea for this website sparked from a conversation with Bob when one of our other ideas came crashing to the
ground in grand style, lol.

To send in any news to be displayed here, please use the form on the contact page or simply e-mail me at any time at


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