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Ladies and Ge'men,

A huge welcome to cannonandball.com.

This is a site to celebrate the work of Tommy Cannon and Bobby Ball who together, over the past 56 years have brought happiness and laughter to millions and continue to do so tirelessly year after year.

There is plenty for us to remember and we are building new memories all the time, so what's on this site?

Here we can all re-live the memories that enable us to all hold Cannon and Ball close to our hearts as the guys who we grew up laughing with and also find out what is happening with them currently and keep a track of what they are up to now.

Cannon and Ball still spend a lot of time on the road and are gaining new audiences all the time.  The younger faces at today's gigs show that they are just as popular now as they ever were and they are bringing their unique brand of humour to a whole new generation.

Tommy and Bobby have carved their careers from decades of performances in all different types of venues.  Their efforts paid off when they were at the top of their game.  In the 80s no one could touch them.  They had a hit TV series on mainstream television, Summer Specials, Christmas Specials, everyone wanted them, everyone loved them and they were everywhere you looked.

Good times followed, bad times followed, at the end of it all they find themselves still to be a favourite act for families to fill theatres to time and time again.

They have had a whirlwind of a career and it's not over yet, they are two of the most
hardworking men in the country, most deserving of the loyal following that they can boast today.  Anyone who can remember the 80s will probably be able to name a favourite Cannon and Ball sketch.

Please have a good look around the site, there are lots of Cannon and Ball features which enable you to find out any information you may require and you can also view clips of Bobby and Tommy on the visual media page.

The site is updated regularly and anything new can be found on the news page which will
always have details of the newest goings on in the world of Cannon and Ball.

Find out now where you can book to see Bobby & Tommy early this year, here.

Thank you. Thank you.  Once again, I thank you!

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